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390 USD approx.

Permanent Residence




About Visa

The purpose of the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme is to enable non-EEA nationals and their families who commit to a high potential start-up business in Ireland to acquire secure residency status in Ireland.

The programme provides that migrants with a proposal for a high potential start-up in the innovation economy and funding of €75,000 can be given residency in this State for the purposes of developing their business. No initial job creation targets will be set as it is recognised that such businesses can take some time to get off the ground.

Note: Where a proposal has more than one principal, other than family members, seeking to avail of this programme then each principal will be required to demonstrate access to €75,000 funding.  

Duration: 2 Years

Application Procedure:

It consists of two stages:

  1. Application for investment submission and evaluation: In the application, stage candidates will submit their application forms and all supporting documentation as well as the required details of their enterprise proposals for approval by the Evaluation Committee. The Evaluation Committee will consider the proposal and may seek further information from the candidate if required. It should be noted that the Evaluation Committee will only communicate with the candidate and they're nominated a legal or financial representative.  

  2. Issue of residence permission: Applicants who are successful and whose business proposals are approved will be issued with the residence permissions provided that the conditions are met:

  • The required funding has been transferred to a financial institution regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and

  • The applicant, and if relevant their spouse/partner, has submitted the required affidavit attesting to their good character and lack of criminal convictions. Applicants will be facilitated with an Irish visa, if required, to pursue this affidavit.

The processing fee for this visa is 390 USD approx.

You can bring your spouse and kids along. The processing time might be 4-6 weeks

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