startup visas
Visa is Required



80 USD

Permanent Residence

60 Month(s)


72 Month(s)

About Visa

Portugal Startup Visa is a temporary residence visa for Non-EU startup founders who want to be establish a startup in Portugal.

The process is managed by IAPMEI and involves the National Network of Incubators spread out throughout the whole territory which ensures your business will kick off next to a community of entrepreneurs already present in the market.

Application Process

  • Access the Startup Visa online platform here

  • The application is submitted in Portuguese or in English language, through an online form, available in the online platform of the program.

  • The incubator of your preference gets a notice of your application and revises it.

  • If your application is accepted, you will get approved by the incubator and get a notification on the portal informing you about it.

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