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A person who meets the qualifications determined by the Minister of Justice, and plans to teach conversational language at a foreign language institute, affiliated- language research institute or educational institute of higher than elementary school, or language training institute affiliated with an enterprise or broadcasting company, or other equivalent organization can apply for Foreign Language Instructor (General) E-2-1.

You are eligible to apply for this visa if you are:

1. A teacher at an English Academy
- A person who wants to teach a foreign language in accordance with Article 3(3) of the presidential decree of the Act on the Establishment and Operation of Private Teaching Institutes and Extracurricular Lessons
2. A teacher at an academic institution such as elementary school or higher, or recruited/selected by an affiliated language center.
3. A foreign language instructor at corporate language centers for employee on-the-job-training
4. A foreign language instructor at a continuing education institute in accordance with the Lifelong Education Act
* A school affiliated continuing education facility, a continuing education institute in a form of a school, a university affiliated to a company, or online campus, an continuing education affiliate of civil society groups or media organizations, a continuing education facility related to the development of knowledge and human resources.
5. A foreign language instructor teaching at a continuing education facility established and run by a state or local government in accordance with other laws (including regulations)
6. A foreign language instructor teaching at a vocational facility or vocational corporation established in accordance with the Workers Vocational Skills Development Act
7. A corporation or a public institute* which has set up a language center with required equipment and facilities to teach a foreign language for its employees

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