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What is it?
Nationality is the legal bond between the person with the condition and has the dual role of being a fundamental right and establish the legal status of persons. For this relationship, the individual enjoys rights that may require the state organization to which it belongs and, in return, can impose compliance with a series of obligations and duties.

Spanish nationality is acquired, retained and lost in accordance with the provisions of the law.

One way of obtaining citizenship is residence, which requires the person’s residence in Spain for ten years of legal, continuous and immediately prior to the application form. There are cases in which a period of residence is reduced; these are:

Five years: to grant Spanish citizenship to those who have obtained refugee status
Two years: for nationals of Latin American countries, Andorra, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or of Sephardic origin people.
A year:
He who is born in Spanish territory.
He who does not properly exercised its right to acquire Spanish nationality by option.
Which has been subject to legal protection or similar.
Which, at the time of the request, take a year married a Spanish or Spanish and is not legally separated or in fact.
The widow or widower of Spanish or Spanish, if they were not separated in fact or judicially at the time of the spouse’s death.
The born outside Spain, father or mother (also born outside of Spain), grandparent, provided that all of them originally had been Spanish.
*In addition, the applicant must prove good civic conduct and sufficient integration into Spanish society.

Further information:
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