10 Steps to buy your new home in Spain

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The process for buying and selling a property may vary a great deal from country to country. Our team offers you all of the expertise and experience required so that you, whether as a seller or buyer, can feel secure and satisfied throughout the entire process of your Spanish property transaction.

01 Find a property - Visit your local estate agents or the main webs advertising properties.
02 Due diligence - Your independent Abogado (solicitor) will provide a thorough check up from the seller to ensure the property is debt/problem free.
03 Get legal and tax advice - Your Lawyer will be able to give you a breakdown of all local, regional and national taxes, rules and regulations, and costs associated with the property. Allow 7-12% for legal, notary fees and taxes related to the purchase of the property.
04 Place offer - Place an offer through the agencia inmobiliaria (estate agent) – usually between 5-10%. Don’t forget to find out what’s included in the price and negotiate the best deal.
05 Sign the Arras - Pre-Contrato privado de compraventa (pre-agreement contract). Ensure it includes the agreed selling price, what’s included and the date for the final payment. You would lose your deposit and seller would have to pay double if either pull out of the agreement. Don’t forget to include conditions in the contract (e.g. financing, survey results, planning, etc.).
06 Get a NIE - New owner must have NIE number; a fiscal number stating whether owner is Spanish or non-resident. If this does not take place, the property will not officially be yours.
07 Sign the Escritura Publica (the deed) with the local notary.
08 Arrange funds.
09 Register the property - Ensures ownership rights are fully protected. There will be a standard fee charge.
10 Enjoy your new House!

Included in this service


Complete assistance for the purchase of a property

Pricing Breakdown

Price breakdown for all categories of services.


$40 - $150

Assistance with the purchase process

$1500 - $6000

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • It is not hard, but complicated. You really want to have a lawyer take care of everythig, and avoid unnecessary headaches.

  • From 5 days to 5 months, depending on several factors. A lawyer will always make it smoother.



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