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The first step is to formalize the stable union at the notary's office and obtain the registration certificate. After obtaining the notarized certificate and organizing the other necessary documents for the process, it is possible to schedule an appointment to request the authorization to reside in Brazil at the Federal Police unit that is competent for your region. On the same day of the appointment, the protocol of the National Migratory Register will be issued for an indefinite period, which will be the provisional document until the CRNM is made. Return to the Federal Police unit when the physical card is ready to be picked up.

MW Consultoria offers a complete legal assistance service that includes both the preparation of the necessary documents and the previous scheduling of the service with the Federal Police of your region. For our clients who are in other states, we offer a remote accompaniment during the service, in which our juridical team will make a previous preparation meeting by video call before the day of the appointment and remote accompaniment during the service, being available to contact via call or whatsapp in case of necessity of juridical orientation.

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Full assistance before and after process


face-to-face accompaniment (Rio de Janeiro)


Form Filling


Application Assistance

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Price breakdown for all categories of services.

Govt. fee

$50 - $200

full service

$530 - $720

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Free - $140

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The answer is yes, there is no differentiation for native and naturalized Brazilians for family reunion. The legislation allows family reunification of those who have some kind of kinship and can prove economic dependence on a Brazilian, whether born or naturalized.

  • It is possible to request a family reunion for a migrant who has not yet had their stay, whether the visa or residence permit has been processed. In this case, both processes will be processed at the same time, with the positive decision for the first being a condition for the second to be accepted.

  • The validity is normally 9 years, but it depends on what kind of family reunion was held. In general, for family reunions with Brazilians it is permanent, while for family reunions with a foreign beneficiary through a residence permit, it has the same validity of duration as that of the calling migrant.

    It is important to note that although the residence is permanent, it is necessary to renew the document within the validity period indicated in your National Migration Registration Card (CRNM).

  • The migrant may carry out any activity, even remunerated, in Brazil under the same conditions as Brazilians.


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