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Foreign employee recruiting is a subject that has been getting more attention lately and is already a reality for many businesses. It is possible to include foreign workers in the workforce, whether because of a shortage of skilled domestic workers, the openness and ease provided by the market, or affirmative action laws that support diversity. Brazilian law includes requirements for hiring foreigners, just as in any other nation, and we are by your side to navigate the red tape.

We are a company founded specifically to assist immigrants and expats, have been providing transparency, agility, and security in the application and monitoring of family and work visas, petitions for residency, and Brazilian naturalization for ten years. Contact us for further information.

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  • Foreign artists who go to Brazil to practice their vocation are given the artist visa.

    The most typical occupations are those of models, musicians, artists, etc. It also holds true for experts such as technicians and other professionals who assist artists in their work.

  • Foreign nationals having job links in Brazil who want to travel for business may apply for this visa.

    The Employment Contract must have a set term that is no more than 2 (two) years, be extendable for a further 2 years, and/or become an open-ended contract.

  • The international athlete who wants to train in Brazil or perform professionally here is granted a sports visa.
    Athletes in training who are not yet professionals must be at least 14 years old and under 21. A paper demonstrating the connection with the Brazilian organization that would train him must also be provided.
    Only a training scholarship may be paid to the athlete in training. It will be necessary for the professional athlete to submit their work contract with a Brazilian team.

  • A technical visa is given to skilled personnel to undertake technical visits for equipment installation and maintenance as well as the transfer of foreign technologies to benefit Brazilian businesses.

    He keeps his connection by working for the foreign firm he represents or by being employed in his own country.


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