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Under Romanian law, a "digital nomad" means:

- the foreigner employed at a company registered outside Romania, who provides services, through the use of technology; OR

- the foreigner owning a company registered outside Romania, within which they provide services, through the use of technology,

AND can carry out their activity as employee or owner of their company remotely.

It is also requested that the foreign company owned by the applicant have been opened at least three years before the application.

Another condition is for the digital nomad to have earned six months before the application and make for the entire period for the visa approx. 3700 euro/month.

The rule is dependent on the value of the average gross monthly Romanian salary, namely for the digital nomad to have earned and expect to earn at least three times this value.

Do you fit into these conditions? Let's talk!

Depending on your citizenship, the procedure can be a little more straightforward or not.

Because of some International Agreements, some citizens can come directly to Romania and do here the needed procedures, and also enjoy longer time visas. This package is for these citizens only. Please let me know your citizenship, so I can assess better your situation and advice you accordingly.

Included in this service


immigration consultancy


help in preparation of the documents


representation before immigration authorities in Romania


management of your visa case to the authorities


managements of deadlines

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Frequently Asked Questions

Users ask this questions about this service.

  • Consultations calls can be rescheduled but will not be refunded.
    All Governments do not refund any application fees, so they are not refundable.

  • No, you need to come to Romania and once in Romania, you need personally to go to the authorities and submit the documents.

  • Up to 1 year, but you can renew it.


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