Build & launch with data that users value using our Travel & Visa API

We offer API for real-time visa, entry, safety, and travel requirements for global users. We also offer software development service to build according to your custom needs.


Travel booking experience

It takes up to 34 websites to research about visa requirements, safety, security and health risks information

Airlines & aircrafts

56% of the people leave your website to find visa and high risk information.

  • check_circle_outlineUsers complete the booking
  • check_circle_outlineIncrease customer retention
  • check_circle_outlineIncreases loyalty and sales
Travel Companies

People leave your website to find the visa and high risk information.

  • check_circle_outlineProvide live updates
  • check_circle_outlineIncrease customer safety
  • check_circle_outlineReduce trip risks
Insurance Companies

An online visa checker to your website to increase your conversion rate.

  • check_circle_outlineVisitors use visa checker
  • check_circle_outlineVisitors will convert
  • check_circle_outlineYour sales will increase
Api Dashboard
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Developer Hub

Developer hub allows you start testing API right away. You can also request support, check your billing history and download invoices.

Ideas our APIs to maintain users on your site

Travelers leave your website to find visa and high risk information elsewhere. We help you retain these users.

Online visa checker

Allow people to check if a visa is necessary for their travel. Increase your value and convert those visitors.

Online Service

Show the latest updates about marijuana, LGBTQ+, women and other safety-related laws

Travel Quiz API

Create entertaining quizzes or games for your audience with our Travel Quiz API.

Trips Confirmation

Provide your customer with visa, customs and health information when finishing their booking with you.

API Whitelabel

Build custom experiences for your users

Use our Travel & Visa APIs to build custom experiences and all-in-one trip planners for a post-COVID world. Our APIs provide data for a high end-to-end journey support.

White label Trip Planner 2.0

Don't want to engage tech teams? Use our ready-made Trip Planner 2.0 dashboards for your customers, employees, or anyone and reduce their travel risks and provide a 2-clicks journey planner.

API Whitelabel

Monitoring visa and immigration policies

We monitor 700+ governments and 10K news websites to detect visa policy changes and make data available via our APIs

Data Monitering

The opportunity to reduce risks for your employees and customers

If you are a travel company or your employees have to travel for business of any kind, our API is a great opportunity to ensure their safety and show duty of care in the event of an emergency


Frequently asked questions about our API.

  • We support 194 UN recognized countries. We use ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code to identify countries in our system.

  • We provide about 20+ types of high risk information for 200+ countries. These data points are divided into 5 categories: (1) Visa & entry, (2) Safety & security, (3) Health risks, (4) Customs requirements and (5) General information data per country.

  • We are currently working on the eVisa and eTA APIs as well. Soon your users will be able to apply for these visas directly from your website.

  • We use AI, ML and humans to monitor 700+ governments and 10,000+ news websites to detect visa policy changes, global health pandemics, security emergencies and other natural disasters.

  • Pricing depends on many variables. Book a meeting or get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

  • It depends on your existing infrastructure and tech stack. Contact us.