Integrate real-time visa & high risk information in travel apps
Our APIs & Widgets help you to innovate user travel booking experience to increases loyalty, retention & revenues

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Online visa & immigration platform
We provide end-to-end relocation and move abroad planning to
global citizens & businesses

We have indexed immigration data of over 200+ countries. This covers 7B people. Your potential customers will visit our platform to find this information. We will then refer these customers to your services.

APIs for Modern traveler
Ready to user Data APIs which reduces Traveler risks, are inclusive and provide value to modern users
Requirements API
Inform your visitors about current visa and entry requirements when travelling to their destination countries.
Real time security
& safety alerts API
Show “duty of care” by informing your customers about safety & security situation to their travel destination.
Culture & Tourist
Laws API
Protect your customers from Cross cultural sensitivities & local country laws. We also cover Marijuana a & e-cig laws.
Customs Requirements
Let your visitors know what they can and can’t bring with them so they won’t have to leave anything at the airport.
Innovate Travel Booking Experience
It takes upto 34 webstes to research about visa requirements,
safety, security and health risks information

56% People leave your website to find the visa and high risk information.

Users complete the booking

Increase customer retention

Increases loyalty & Sales


People leave your website to find the visa and high risk information.

Provide live updates

Increase customer safety

Increase customer safety


Add an online visa checker to your website to attract new leads and increase your conversion rate.

Visitors use visa checker

Visitors will convert

Your sales will increase

Ideas to integrate our APIs to keep users
Travelers leave your website to find visa and high risk information elseware. Dont let them.
Online visa checker

Allow people to check if a visa is necessary for their travel. Increase your value and convert those visitors.

Online Service

Update you page to show the latest updates about marijuana and LGBTQ laws

Trip Alert Emails

Political upheaval? Riots? Disease Pandemic? Don’t leave them in the dark! Send them an email alerting them.

Booking Confirmation Pages

Provide your customer with visa, customs and health information when finishing their booking with you.

White Label Trip Planner 2.0
All-in-one, trip planner focused on reducing trip risks,
threats and provide care. You can add your logo and provide value to users.

To collect all the above information user needs to browse up 34 websites. We provide all the updated information in 2-clicks.

We monitor 700 Government & 10K News website to detect visa policy changes and
make data available via our APIs
AI & Computer Workers

Human Verfication

Cross-Check Database with IATA

Updates From Experts