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About visadb

visadb.io is the first Internet visa database indexing 300,000 visa, residency and citizenship routes for 200 countries. Anyone from planet earth going to any country for any purpose can search visas and its requirements in 2-clicks. Yes - just 2.

Visa application is a complicated process its better to get professional help to reduce the risks of rejection. Need to find a professional? No problem 2-clicks more please.

There are other high-risk information which could deny tourist entry. Such as customs, health and other entry requirements. We monitor 800 Governement bodies around the world for policy updates. We also monitor world events, emergencies, terrorist threats and other safety and security information and keep it updated for everyone.

Global Trends & Opportunity:

There will be 1.6 Billion tourist by 2020. (UNTWO)
73% Millenials said they like to live and work abroad (pwc global survey 2017). We want to help to discover their destination and its visa options.
Post-materialistic world wants to explore and experience rather accumulate material. Visadb.io want to help this new world.

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We are using technology to monitor 200+ government websites around the world for policy changes,diplomatic relations and economic unions. Please help us to keep the database up to dated.
Represent your country and become visa policy specialist.