No-Code & Realtime Travel visa & Safety Widget

Get the latest travel visa and safety information for your audience in real-time with our no-code widget.

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Benefits of Visa-Widget

User retainment

Users will not have to waste time and effort researching elsewhere.

  • done_outlineGet more users and retain the current
  • done_outlineVisitors will not drop your page to browse requirements
  • done_outlineIncrease conversions on your site
Free and simple

Integrate it in a few minutes and use high-quality information.

  • done_outlineCompletely free unless branded
  • done_outlineProvide your mail, name and website
  • done_outlineGet a script tag or HTML code for your site
Better experience

Increase the likelihood that they will visit your site again.

  • done_outlineProvide users with important information
  • done_outlineEstablish a good reputation in your website
  • done_outlineMake your site 100% travel-friendly

Travel Tours

"The Travel Visa Widget contains everything that our users need to plan their trips. This has helped us increase the user retention rate on our page, and therefore convert a higher percentage of them. No more scouring through dozens of government and information pages."

Travel Tours's testimonial

Alice Brown

CEO, Travel Tours


User RET increase


Revenue Increase


The opportunity to reduce risks for your employees and customers

If you are a travel company or your employees have to travel for business of any kind, our API is a great opportunity to ensure their safety and show duty of care in the event of an emergency