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Italy Digital Nomad Visa: Application and Requirements

Authored by Paula Vazquez

Italy Digital Nomad Visa: Application and Requirements

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The Mediterranean nation of Italy, with its stunning coastlines, ancient cities, and la dolce vita lifestyle, has approved the residence permit for digital nomads. The community had been waiting for the past two years, and it is finally here! 

Find all the information you need about Italy’s Digital Nomad Visa here. Do not forget to share with your nomad friends, or consult one of our verified experts to help you with your case. Ci incontreremo in Italia! 

What is the Italy Digital Nomad Visa?

The Digital Nomad Visa for Italy allows qualified foreigners to legally live and work remotely in Italy for up to 1 year. The government of Italy defined a digital nomad as a “foreigner who carries out self-employed work through the use of technological tools that allow remote working”, and a remote worker as a “foreigner who, through the use of technological tools that allow remote working, carries out subordinate work or collaboration activities”. 

Who can apply for the Italy Digital Nomad Visa?

The visa is open to non-EU citizens who perform a highly qualified work activity remotely, either self-employed (freelance digital nomads) or as an employee (corporate remote workers) as long as the company is not based in Italy. 

What are the eligibility requirements for the Italy Digital Nomad Visa?

Applicants for the Italy Digital Nomad Visa must demonstrate with the proper documentation the following points, as per the Official Gazzette states in the Decree of February 29th. 

  1. Minimum annual income from lawful sources that is at least 3x Italy's healthcare exemption threshold. This means you need to show a minimum yearly income of around $30,000 USD or $2,500 USD monthly. 
  2. Private health insurance, valid in Italy for the duration of stay. It must cover health and hospitalization emergencies and be applicable in all Schengen member states.
  3. Documentation of suitable accommodations in Italy during your period of stay. This means you need a lease or any other document proving where you will be living in Italy. 
  4. Prior professional experience as a digital nomad/remote worker in the field of the activities you will perform remotely. You need at least six months of comparable experience. 
  5. IMPORTANT: If you do not have a university degree, you will need to demonstrate at least five years of experience in your field. The documentation may vary as per the Consulate where you apply. 
  6. Remote employees need an employment contract for highly skilled work.
  7. Self-employed digital nomads need proof of freelance/remote work.
  8. Note that if you are an employee, the visa will be refused if your employer has certain recent criminal convictions related to immigration violations in Italy. Therefore, some consulates might require you to share a declaration from your employer that they do not have any criminal implications in Italian territory. Occasionally, they might also request clear criminal records from your country of residence. 
  9. As with any other visa, you will need to fill in an application form at the Consulate and present your valid passport.

How to apply for the Italy Digital Nomad Visa

Step 1) Apply for an entry visa at the Italian Consulate of your residence country by providing:

  • Proof of meeting the income, insurance, and accommodation requirements
  • Documentation of the six months prior remote work experience  
  • An employment contract or binding job offer (for employees)
  • Signed declaration from employer regarding the absence of criminal record
  • A visa fee payment of approximately 116 EUROS

Step 2) Once in Italy with an entry visa, request the Digital Nomad residence permit within eight working days at the local police headquarters.

How long is the Italy Digital Nomad Visa for? Can I extend the visa?

The Italy Digital Nomad Visa will be issued for a maximum one-year period. Yes, you can extend your immigration permit if you demonstrate you still comply with all the qualifying requirements. 

Important: If you intend to renew your permit, you need to do it at least two months before the expiration date.

What tax obligations do I have if I get the Digital Nomad Visa for Italy?

If you apply for the Italy Digital Nomad Visa, you will need to consider the following tax obligations in the country: 

  • Digital nomads must obtain a VAT number and Italian Tax ID code
  • The permit issuance will be shared with tax authorities to verify fiscal compliance
  • Employment contracts will be shared with labor agencies to confirm proper contributions/Insurance

Am I allowed to bring my family members to Italy if I apply for a Digital Nomad Visa?

Yes, you can bring your immediate family members, such as spouses and children, via Italy's Family Reunification policies (Article 29). Your dependents will receive a renewable permit matching the duration of the remote worker's permit.

So, what do you think? Italy aims to attract globally mobile professionals and skilled remote workers to live and legally work from within the country for extended stays. Are you one of them? 


Official Gazzette states in the Decree of February 29th

Index of Italian Consulates

Italy’s new digital nomad visa is here

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