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The firm offers services in relation to all aspects of Maltese Taxation laws, including both personal and corporate taxation. Non-conformity with taxation rules can prove to be exceedingly detrimental to a company. Thus the tax compliance services offered by us are imperative in ensuring an efficient tax processing system, which will contribute to its smooth running. The holistic review of the client’s tax structure provided by the team at Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates will certainly provide the client with a tailor-made solution appropriate for his own purposes.

Included in this service


Submission of the Annual Tax Return


Audit of the annual Financial Statements (fee depends on number of transactions)


Filing of Annual Return and Annual BO Confirmation


Preparation of Annual Accounts (capped to 7hrs)


Administration of company (capped to 10hrs)


Periodic AML Checks in line with AML Regulations - capped to 3hrs


Vat Services (only if applicable)


Deregistration of Vat number (only if applicable)

Pricing Breakdown

Price breakdown for all categories of services.

Full Service

$8000 - $20000

Consultation fee

$206 - $230

Frequently Asked Questions

Users ask this questions about this service.

  • Full service offer all the items which are mentioned in "included". The cost of the service can depends on your specific case. You can see the estimated range of service above. You can book a consultation first to know the process and pricing before you hire the full service.

  • Disbursements are not included as these may vary.

  • No. Kindly note that 18% VAT is charged on all amounts quoted.

  • Certain services are capped to a specific amount of hours. This means that once these hours are consumed, an extra fee of USD300 is charged per any additional hour spent on that particular service.

  • Consultation call is a short quick expert advice on a specific case related to visa, immigration, relocation, tax and other expert domains. It can be a legal or non-legal advice depending on the service, consultation are usually given online via video and phone call. Consultations are charged at USD300 per hour.


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