Setup a Subsidiary of a foreign company in Spain - remote service

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The easiest, most flexible way to set up a Subsidiary in Spain from your home.

We establish a subsidiary in Spain remotely! Personalized service adapted to your needs, expectations and goals.

Our services for the set-up of a subsidiary in Spain also include advice about the most suitable legal structure for your business, taking into account details such as the size of the company, the number of shareholders, the purpose of the business, and other issues that will have an impact on the associated taxes.

Included in this service


Obtaining Mother Company’s Tax ID Number (& Digital Certificate)


Signing of the Establishment Deed at the Notary Office


Register the Incorporation Deed before the Company’s Office


Payment of Notary and Commercial Registry fees included

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Price breakdown for all categories of services.

Full Service

$200 - $1000


Free - $50

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Application of the “no- coincidence” certificate by requesting the Company's denomination before the Central Commercial Registry, with proper assessment from our Team on the guidelines and useful tips to set up a subsidiary in Spain. 2. Drafting and preparation of the Articles of Association (Corporate Bylaws) according to the Spanish legislation, with assessment to Client. 3. Drafting and preparation of the Establishment of Limit Liability Company Deed, according to the Spanish legislation. 4. Assistance (if necessary) for the opening of the Company’s Bank account, and obtainment of the deposit certificate with the initial founding capital. (Minimum is 3.000 EUR).*Spanish banks still require the administrator to be personally present in Spanish territory, one or two days to sign the bank account activation document, for security reasons as well as the actual ownership.* 5. Assistance on the Client's representation to the execution of the Establishment of Limit Liability Company Deed before a Spanish Public Notary. 6. Obtainment of the provisional and definitive N.I.F. (Número de Identificación Fiscal) by filling and submission of Model 036 before the Tax Agency. 7. Incorporation and registration of the NEWCO before the Commercial Registry Office (anywhere in Spain), by the presentation of the Deed and proper documentation. 8. Drafting and presentation of the MODEL D-1A ‘Declaración de Inversión extranjera en sociedades no cotizadas, sucursales y otras formas de inversión’. Its submission is compulsory in cases of foreign investment (i.e. when a foreigner holds shares of Spanish Company).

  • 1. To set-up a subsidiary in Spain, Lexidy will apply to obtaining the NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) by submitting of MODEL EX-14 before the Spanish government authorities. As well as drafting and preparation of the following documentation required: · Letter of Motive. · Certification of passport. 2. Submitting FORM EX-15 before the Spanish government authorities and its subsequent collection on Client's behalf.

  • 1. To Establish a Subsidiary in Spain we will be in charge of drafting and preparing the Certificate with the agreement taken by the Shareholders meeting to establish a Company in Spain. 2. Manage the obtainment of the Good Standing document from the Commercial Registry of the place of origin stating the Company's data. 3. Coordination of the legalization and translation of the Good Standing and the Certificate agreement, along with the Articles of Association. 4. Preparation and presentation to the Spanish Tax authorities of the standard form for the foreign Company's registration in order to obtain the tax identification number NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal) by filling in MODEL 036, which would require obtaining a Good Standing or similar document from the Companies Registry from the country of origin, translated to Spanish and along with the Apostille of the Hague Convention. 5. Procedures before the Spanish authorities registering the foreign Company's Administrator´s (Número de Identidad Fiscal) by filling and presentation of MODEL 030.


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