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We recognize that having access to timely and accurate financial information is crucial for our clients to have a competitive edge over its competitors in today’s dynamic business environment. We provide a wide range of computerized accounting and bookkeeping services for organizations that require a proper and complete set of financial statements.

This includes:
• Preparation of financial statements
• Preparation of annual budget
• Design and preparation of financial reporting packages for management
• Perform bank and other accounts reconciliation
• Payroll services
• Others

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Document Delivery


Application Assistance


Form Filling

Pricing Breakdown

Price breakdown for all categories of services.

Full Service

$500 - $1000


Free - $50

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Consultation call is a short quick expert advice on a specific case related to visa, immigration, relocation, tax and other expert domains. It can be a legal or non-legal advice depending on the service, consultation is usually given online via video and phone call. Paid consultations are 100% refundable towards full service cost.

  • Full service offer all the items which are mentioned in "included". The cost of the service can depends on your specific case. You can see the estimated range of service above. You can book a consultation first to know the process and pricing before you hire the full service.

  • Most businesses are required to produce a set of accounts at least once per year. These accounts will form the basis for the tax return which aids FEderal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) how much tax is owed. Aside from accounts being a requirement for tax and growth purposes, a business you can benefit greatly from carefully considering the information within your set of accounts. Accounts can tell you how well your business is doing and may highlight areas that need to be addressed. For example, if you sell products or offer a service and your accounts show that your margins are too slim you may decide to increase your prices or negotiate harder with your suppliers to increase profit and keep your business healthy. This is just one example from among a plethora of reasons a good set of accounts can help both you and your business. There is a vast amount of information contained within a set of accounts that can be utilized to improve your business. Accounts can be produced as frequently as you need them. So, if you require frequent up to date information about the performance of your business then monthly management accounts will possibly be best suited for you. However, if your business is very small and you have a rough idea of how well you are doing then you may only want the statutory annual accounts. By outsourcing finance and accounting functions to us, organizations would undoubtedly perform excellently and concentrate on their core business that would improve their performance.


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