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Natalia is an experienced immigration expert in Paraguay. She makes sure to streamline the company formation process for foreigners and understands that each client's needs are unique. Contact Natalia for more information before hiring the full-service package for starting a business in Paraguay.

To open an SA or LLC in Paraguay, you need at least two shareholders. However, if you do not have two partners, you can obtain an RUC (Single Taxpayer Registry) to issue invoices. In Paraguay, any foreigner can be a shareholder, but only a permanent resident can act as a Director.

Natalia's team can assist you with acquiring all the necessary documents in Paraguay to start a company. To get started, please provide us with your preferred company name for availability checks. You will also receive a draft of the Company Statute to review while you are in the process of obtaining Paraguay residency.

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Form Filling Assistance in Paraguay


Company Formation service in Paraguay

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Arianna star5 · Jun 2024

I had a great experience with Natalia, she always addressed my concerns very promptly, explained everything very clearly and the procedure went smoothly. Highly recommend!

Kevin star5 · Jun 2024

I recently engaged Natalia to assist with obtaining Paraguay Tax Residency for Digital Nomads, and the experience was exceptional. Natalia's communication skills stood out immediately, as she was able to explain intricate tax laws and residency requirements in a clear and concise manner. She was always available to answer questions and provided timely updates, ensuring that I was well-informed and at ease throughout the process. Natalia's professionalism was evident in every interaction. She approached each aspect of my case with a high degree of integrity and respect, consistently demonstrating her extensive knowledge of Paraguayan tax regulations. Her ability to navigate the complexities of the legal framework with confidence and competence reassured me that I was in capable hands. Natalia's courteous demeanor and ethical approach were truly impressive, reflecting the high standards upheld by visadb's Expert Natalia. Moreover, Natalia's diligence was exemplary. She exhibited a remarkable attention to detail, meticulously reviewing all documentation and procedures to ensure accuracy and compliance. Natalia's proactive approach in identifying potential challenges and addressing them promptly showcased her commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for her clients. Her thorough and diligent work ethic significantly contributed to the successful resolution of my case, making the entire process smooth and efficient.

Erik star5 · May 2024

Natalia is very professional and helpful, I will not hesitate to recommend her service to my friends and colleagues looking to get residency in Paraguay! Everything was taken care of for me and Natalia delivered my documents promptly and was always available on WhatsApp to answer my questions.

Jan star5 · May 2024

Very efficient service for Paraguayan Cedula and Tax id. It was easier than expected. Natalia is doing a great job in making the process very quick and comfortable. Highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users ask this questions about this service.

  • Please contact Natalia to know more about the refund policy.

  • Yes. This way our clients can present themselves to public institutions and banks in Paraguay with a valid address.

  • Paraguay is a highly stable country, and that is also seen in the banking system. You can open a bank account in Guaranies or USD.

  • The most common types of companies formed in Paraguay are SA (Sociedad Anonima) and LLC (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada).

  • The process for Paraguay Company Formation involves obtaining a tax ID number (RUC), drafting the company's bylaws, registering the company with the Commercial Register, and obtaining necessary permits and licenses.

  • The time it takes to form a company in Paraguay varies depending on the type of company and the efficiency of the registration process. Typically, it takes between two and four weeks to complete the registration process.

  • Yes, foreigners can open a company in Paraguay. However, they must appoint a Temporary or Permanent Resident of Paraguay to act as the Director of the company.


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