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Our verified immigration consultant, Natalia, can streamline the Paraguay Temporary or Permanent Residency process for you and avoid unnecessary complications.

To start the process, all you need is the following apostilled documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate if applicable, and a police certificate from your home country or the last place of residence for the past 3 years. Once you arrive in Paraguay, you can begin the application process for Temporary Residency. After 2 years, you can easily apply for Permanent Residency by submitting local documents such as a Local Police Criminal Record. The best part? You do not need to reside in Paraguay to maintain your Residency. 😊

Natalia has years of experience in assisting expats, foreigners, and digital nomads with Paraguay Permanent Residency. She helps you go through a streamlined process and ensures that you can obtain your residency hassle-free. As one of the best immigration service providers in Paraguay, she is committed to providing top-notch services that meet her client's needs.

Contact Natalia to learn more and kickstart your Paraguay Permanent Residency process today. Do not forget to mention the code "PAR22", "NOMAD" or "visadb" to receive a special discount. The price reflected on this page has the discount already applied.

If you want to have a Permanent Residency in Paraguay after two years of having a Temporary Residency, you can also apply via our service at a cost of $2000. Get in touch to learn more.

Included in this service


Paraguay Immigration Assistance


Translation of English documents from a Translator in Paraguay


Paraguay Residency Card and ID


Pick up from hotel in Paraguay to Immigration Offices


Paraguay Residency Assistance


Local document collection in Paraguay for Temporary/Permanent Residency


Local address in Paraguay for Temporary/Permanent Residency


Note: DHL or other delivery fees are the only fee not included


Local travel advice in Paraguay so you enjoy your stay

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star5.0 · 20 reviews

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John star5 · Sep 2023

Fantastic from day completion. I could not be more satisfied with the service and the professionalism I received. Natalia and her team are very effective and highly efficient.

Dirk star5 · Jul 2023

Great service. Natalia provided quick and detailed answers to all my questions up front and all steps in Paraguay were managed very efficiently. I am really satisfied with the results.

John star5 · Jul 2023

Very professional, highly experienced and competent, extremely responsive and well-connected. I would highly recommend Natalia and her team for residency matters.

Robin star5 · Jul 2023

Natalia is a pleasure to work with. She responded all of my questions about taxes and migration beforehand, organized everything from the residence, to the cedula, tax number and drivers license so you can migrate to Paraguay, have a great plan B or fiscal low to 0-tax residency. She even had recommendations of places to stay and is savy when it comes to local real estate too. I highly recommend choosing her immigration package and come to Paraguay. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Users ask this questions about this service.

  • Contact Natalia to learn more about the refund policy.

  • This depends of your country of origin, not your destination country, e.g. Paraguay. Ask an expert from your country.

  • You need to have lived three years in Paraguay.

  • You can stay and enjoy the same privileges as any other Paraguayan if you hold a permanent residence permit. There are several limitations, such as the inability to go on a public charge, and you cannot vote.

  • All Mercosur nations, including Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Peru, are accessible visa-free for you.

  • Birth certificate with apostille. Marriage certificate with apostille (if applicable). Criminal record with apostille.

  • First you need to have Temporary Residency for two years. Then you can easily change to Permanent Residency.


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