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Get Your Paraguay Tax Residency with Our Expert Help

Reduce high taxes with Paraguay's Tax Residency with 0% tax on foreign income legally using the territorial tax system. Our flat fee service covers all core services, with no hidden costs. Visadb’s specialist, Natalia, has 8 years of experience obtaining over 1400 successful residencies. Read some of the happy customer reviews below. You are in reliable, and seasoned hands every step of the way.

Why Choose Paraguay Tax Residency?

0% tax on foreign income, including remote work, investments, and business
No physical presence is enforced
Simplified process - Just show up with 2 documents for 2 days.
Ideal for global citizens, digital nomads, and remote entrepreneurs

Our Streamlined Process
1. We will guide you to obtain the required documents
2. Natalia will verify your documentation with the immigration
3. You will be invited to book a flight to visit Paraguay for 2 days only
4. The team will pick you up from Airbnb to bring you to Government offices.
5. All forms and required documents will be prepared for your signature—nothing to fill.
6. You will be issued a Temporary Residency with a "Cédula" or Resident ID
7. Afterward, Natalia will apply for your Tax ID (remotely) and/or Driver's License (optional apply in person)
8. Upgrade to Permanent Residency after 2 years (if desired)
9. International bank accounts guide.

What You Get

For just $2,600 with code ‘Nomad’ (originally $3000). Exclusive fixed price for visadb and DNATW members.

✔ Temporary Residency "Cédula" and Tax ID
✔ 3 months of free accounting services
✔ Document translation by local translator
✔ Document collection, filling, verification, and submission
✔ Pickup and Drop from your hotel to Govt. offices.
✔ Local Paraguay address for residency
✔ 2-year membership to the private Paraguay Tax Residents Community to discuss Global banking, investment and other issues as a Tax resident.
✔ Local guidance and advice

Upgrade Option: Get Permanent Residency after 2 years for $2,000 with code ‘Nomad’ (originally $2500).

Start your case or send an inquiry by Clicking ‘Chat’.

Use code ‘Nomad’ when contacting Natalia outside visadb platform to get the discount.

Earn $100: Feel free to share this service with your friends and get $100 as a gift from visadb’s Natalia (contact us before to get a code at [email protected])

Avoid Overpriced & Fraudulent Services - Get a Fair, Transparent Solution

Many providers take advantage by charging exorbitant fees of $5,000 or more for Paraguay tax residency services that are no better than what we offer. Some will offer ultra-cheap prices with hidden costs for each step, be mindful.

Included in this service


Translation of English documents from a Translator in Paraguay


Local address in Paraguay to acquire Temporary Residency


Collection of local documents in Paraguay for the Immigration Office


Pick up from hotel/AirBnB to Immigration office and back to hotel/AirBnB


Advice or where to go locally so you enjoy your stay


Assistance in acquiring your Paraguay Tax ID


Assistance in acquiring your Paraguay Temporary Resident ID or "Cedula"


Note: DHL or other delivery fees are the only fee not included


3 months of free accounting services

Pricing Breakdown

Price breakdown for all categories of services.

Full-Service (Tax ID included) - Special Package


Only Temporary or Permanent Residency


Only Tax ID


Optional Add-on: Driver's License


Monthly Accountancy Rate


star5.0 · 33 reviews

See reviews from clients who have used Natalia's service

martin star5 · May 2024

Natalia and her teams service was excellent! They managed the whole process end to end, with very little work on my part. I only spent one day in Paraguay and they guided me through the whole process. I would have never been able to do it on my own.

Stephan star5 · May 2024

Straightforward process to obtain temporary residency. Natalia and team explained in detail what documents need to be brought to Paraguay. Then you just fly to Asuncion and they do everything for you within 3h. Cedula will be received after roughly 4-5 months.

Anton star5 · Mar 2024

Natalia and her team exceeded all my expectations! Such an amazing and smooth experience, all the way from the initial questions I had to the end result. Services of this high quality are hard to find and I couldn't be happier and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone. You won't be dissapointed!

Russell star5 · Feb 2024

Excellent service. Very smooth, quick, and no issues at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users ask this questions about this service.

  • Reach out to Natalia to learn more about the refund policy.

  • First visit: We do the Temporary Residency procedure. Second Visit: After 30 days, you can come back to pick up the residency and do the Paraguayan ID (Cedula). The Cedula or ID will take another 30 days, but we can pick it up and send it to you (DHL costs are on you).

  • VAT in Paraguay is 10%.

  • You need to pay the government in guaraníes, but you can pay Natalia for her services in crypto.

  • No. Paraguay has a 0% tax policy on foreign income. To say, income that is not generated in Paraguay. If you, however, earn income in the country you have to pay 10%.

  • Absolutely. Paraguay allows temporary residents to apply for permanent residency after maintaining their temporary status for 2 years. During those 2 years, you do not need to remain in Paraguay the entire time. A visit of at least 3 days to the country once 12 months have elapsed since receiving temporary residency is sufficient. When applying for permanent residency, you will need to provide Paraguayan authorities with a local police background check.

  • To complete the residence process in Paraguay, you only need to be physically present in the country for a short period of 3 days. This 3-day visit allows you to finalize the requirements and procedures with the relevant authorities. After this brief stay, the processing of your residency application will continue, and you can expect to receive your official residency status within approximately 4 months from the date of your 3-day visit by mail if you do not want to stay in Paraguay that long.

  • Absolutely! Once you become a temporary resident, you are able to apply for a Paraguayan tax ID and become what they call a "fiscal resident." It is a pretty straightforward process - all you need is your Cedula, which is the ID card they give residents. So even with temporary status, you can still get all set up to properly pay your taxes in Paraguay.

  • Notably, there is no requirement to physically reside in Paraguay for 183 days to establish tax residency.

    However, to maintain your resident status, you must visit Paraguay at least once every three years for a period of your choosing. Adhering to this three-year renewal process allows you to continue your tax residency uninterrupted.

  • Yes, providing a local Paraguayan address is necessary to successfully register and be approved as a tax resident of Paraguay. The local address requirement is included in our Nomad Package with Natalia.


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