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Georgia has attractive tax rates for non-residents and also, a territorial tax system where the government will not tax you in your foreign-sourced income. To obtain tax residency in Georgia, you must meet any of the following criteria: Spend at least 183 days in Georgia (And it is granted automatically) or Be a High Net Worth Individual (You don't even need to come to Georgia, everything can be done remotely by us).

The Main Benefits of Georgian Tax Residency are:
Low Tax Rates
Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty
Exemption For Foreign Sourced Incomes
Easy Access To Georgian Bank System
We offer Tax Residency Service for High Net Worth Individuals here in Georgia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • This program is perfect for digital nomads, expats, freelancers and individuals, who do not spent enough time in any country to obtain tax residency but want to avoid taxes in their country of citizenship

  • Getting a Georgian Tax residency does not mean you can live in any other county you wish and just not pay tax there. Tax liabilities can arise for many reasons in other countries, based on physical presence or managing a business there. You may owe taxes elsewhere, other than Georgia, and it will come down to the local laws of the other countries you visit.

  • Tax residency in Georgia is valid for maximum one year. The country requires annual renewal. Statement must be applied for every year and obligatory documents must be resubmitted for each application.

  • If the application is accepted without problems, you should be granted your tax residency within 7 working days. Otherwise, you will be notified of additional requirements and must provide additional information as requested within 30 days in order to complete the application.

  • Foreign sourced incomes are tax free for a Georgian tax residents.

  • Person is a High Net Worth Individual if: 1) the value of his/her confirmed property is more than GEL 3 000 000 (approx.$900 000), or 2) his/her annual income exceeds GEL 200 000 (approx. $60 200) in all of the three years before the year he/she submits the application. High Net Worth Individual must have either a Georgian legal residency or Georgian nationality or, the applicant must verify that he/she receives at least GEL 25000 (approx. 7500 USD) annual income from Georgian source.


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