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If you need to temporarily travel to Spain to assist business meetings, industry fairs, business visits, seminars, etc. up to 90 days, this is your visa.  Our immigration team will assist you in meeting all required criteria ensuring the shortest timings. Most common required documentation are: valid passport, travel plan and a company letter. Please note, that there might be additional documentation to be collected
depending on each file's specifities.

Please note: Duration of visa application is just an estimate, the consular offices being the only ones responsible for the timeline of the process, acceptance, or refusal of the application. Third-party costs are excluded.

Included in this service


Legal asssessment and assistance


Immigration procedures and processes explanation


Document collection and review


Submission of the application


Follow-up of the file


Payment in advance of governmental fees


Third party costs (if any) such as translations or courier

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • No, a business visa does not allow to work. It allows to attend to business activities such as meetings, conferences, fairs, trainings, etc. where no working is provided.

  • The business visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days within a period of 180 days.

  • Valid passport, invitation from a house company or authority to participate in meetings, conventions, etc. You will need as well a hotel reservation or invitation letter from a family member or friend residing in Spain, issued by the Police Station in Spain where they live. In addition you need to demonstrate enough means for your stay in cash, credit card, traveler´s check for an amount of 95 Euros per day. You will need return fligths, proving your intention to leave Spain or Schengen territory once your visit has concluded, and a travel insurance.


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