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This visa applies when a person has their own resources (i.e. monthly income) of at least $1275 per month plus $250 additional such income in respect of any Family Member Dependents (these amounts are accurate as of this listing having first been listed in 2022). If they are generating their income from those resources or any other legal income that originates from an external economic source, such as from earned “Rental Real Estate Income”, then they can fall under this type visa, but as it is a new type of visa, the proof of income requirements and type of income at that aren’t at all set in stone, and thus are very much subject to change over time in terms of both application and interpretation, respectively.

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  • Any foreigner moving to Ecuador will generally first receive a Temporary Residency Visa (TRV), and they must maintain this visa for 2 years before they can apply for a future Permanent Residency in Ecuador.

  • As well, no matter the Ecuador Visa Types you're considering and/or the necessary Ecuador Visa Processing Time involved to do so, we ALWAYS provide you fully up to date and correct information, as well as serve you as our Ecuador Expat client, in all possible legal ways and as per the requested Ecuador Visa Form that you need or want in making your Move to Ecuador!


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