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We are ready to assist you with your Serbia Temporary Residence Permit Application, either for working, running a business, attending school or completing a residency; engaging in scientific work, research, or internships; reunions with family; medical care, and more.

A foreigner should submit an application for a temporary residency in Serbia if they want to stay there for longer than 90 days. Depending on each instance, if approved, the residency permit will be valid for anywhere between 90 days and a year. They must enclose the following documentation with their application for a temporary residency permit, along with a legitimate form of identification:
1. They have enough money to support themselves.
2. Their health insurance is current.
3. Their request for a temporary residency is supported by a valid legal justification.

The foreigner's passport is inserted with a temporary residency permission paper. Do not hesitate to chat with us for any further questions.

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  • A foreign national applying for a residence permit must provide paperwork that will serve as the justification for the permission. Depending on the legal basis, the paperwork varies and is subject to various restrictions. If a foreign national decides to apply for a residence permit through a lawyer, the lawyer can provide you the right information about the required paperwork and help you gather it.

  • The foreign national who is residing illegally must leave the Republic of Serbia right away or within 30 days. The competent public authority will provide the precise date in the Decision.


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