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Our sole purpose is to prepare tax returns and provide consulting services to Americans living abroad. From simple tax returns to very complex tax returns, we have the experience to guide you through every situation and give you the peace of mind you need.

In addition to filing your US personal tax return, you may have additional filing requirements if you are a US citizen or permanent resident and do business outside the US. In addition, the lengthy and sometimes difficult to understand Form 5471 (and related forms) must be filed by certain US citizens who own 10% or more of the stock of a foreign corporation. If a US citizen is a partner in a foreign partnership, you must file Form 8865 to disclose the income and financial status of the partnership.

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  • Consultations call can be rescheduled but will not be refunded.
    All Governments do not refund any application fees, so they are not refundable

  • In addition to submitting a personal tax return, US residents and Green Card holders who run a business abroad typically have extra filing obligations. When filing their federal tax return, those Americans who possess more than 10% of the shares in a foreign firm are required to submit supplementary paperwork (Form 5471).

  • Yes, we have a long experience in assisting tax payers abroad remotely.


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