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If you need to stay in Poland for the purposes of studies, work, family reunification, or business ventures, you must acquire a Temporary Residence. The process of obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Poland (TRC) can be overwhelming, and our dedicated Poland Temporary Residence Permit Application Service will ease every aspect of the procedure.

We provide consulting to help you navigate the Polish immigration system with confidence. Whether you are a student pursuing academic excellence, a professional seeking career opportunities, a family member reuniting with loved ones, or an entrepreneur exploring business prospects, our comprehensive Polish immigration services have you covered. Our legal experts will be by your side offering unwavering support from the very first step of understanding your specific eligibility criteria to the final moment when you hold your residence permit.

We work closely with you to ensure that you meet all the prerequisites, submit accurate documentation, and navigate any potential challenges that may arise. Our commitment is to enhance your experience, minimize stress, and optimize your chances of being granted the permission you need for your intended stay.

Contact us today to start a successful journey towards obtaining your temporary residence permit in Poland.

Included in this service


Expert advice on required documents


Preparation for any interviews


Comprehensive immigration consulting

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Full Service

$600 - $875

Consultation Call


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Consultations call can be rescheduled but will not be refunded.
    All Governments do not refund any application fees, so they are not refundable

  • Individuals planning to stay in Poland for purposes such as studies, work, family reunification, business, and other temporary reasons can apply for a TRC.

  • Yes, we can help you with extending your temporary residence permit in Poland. Our experts will guide you through the extension process, ensuring you submit the required documents and meet the renewal criteria.

  • No, these fees are processed as separate payments. The total government fees range from 450 to 550 Polish Zloty (PLN), which is approximately 135 USD. Please bear in mind that the conversion rate between PLN and USD can change due to market fluctuations, making these figures approximate.


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