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The Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Program was initiated in January 2017 with the aim of enticing foreign direct investments and stimulating growth within Turkey's real estate industry. This program provides applicants with various options for making economic contributions to Turkish society, thereby contributing to the country's economic development.
Advantages of participating in the Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Program include:

-Freedom to enter over 110 destinations, such as Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, without a visa or with visa-on-arrival privileges.

-Acquiring citizenship in a nation characterized by a pleasant Mediterranean climate, picturesque landscapes, and a high quality of life.

-The program grants full citizenship not only to the primary applicant but also to their family members.

-Eligibility for obtaining an E-2 Investor Visa in the United States, which can be renewed for a five-year period.

-Gaining access to Türkiye, a transcontinental Eurasian country recognized as a stable economic, financial, and political hub situated at the crossroads of Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East.

Included in this service


Submission of citizenship application using pre-approved documents


After obtaining the PoA, securing a tax identification number from the tax office


Initiating the process of opening a fresh bank account in Turkey


Depositing the required investment amounts, and advising the client on the deposit procedure


Verification of real estate purchase


Acquiring newly issued Turkish ID Cards and 10-year valid Turkish Passports

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Citizenship by Investment Package

Free - $3960

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Consultation calls can be rescheduled but will not be refunded unless agreed.
    All governments do not refund any application fees, so these are not refundable.
    Ask your Expert about their full refund policy.

  • To qualify for citizenship through the Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Program, you typically need to make an eligible investment in Türkiye, which can include purchasing real estate, making a fixed capital investment, or depositing a specified amount in Turkish banks (for real estate investments USD 400,000). The exact requirements may vary, so it's important to consult with an expert to ensure you meet the criteria.

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship offers several benefits, including visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to numerous countries, a favorable Mediterranean climate, and a high standard of living. The citizenship application process can take up to 3 months, but the timeline may vary depending on your specific circumstances and the efficiency of the application process


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