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The National Transformation Fund (NTF) was established in 2013 as a means of transforming Grenada’s economy into one that is ever more prosperous and independent. The NTF finances various projects in Grenada for the benefit of its many industries, including tourism, agriculture, and alternative energy. Having made a donation to the NTF, investors are left with a true sense of having contributed to their new nation’s well being.

Applicants opting for the NTF route must contribute at least USD 200,000 to the Fund.

It is important to note that applicants may not contribute to the NTF in person, but rather that they must use the services of an Authorized Local Agent.

Under the NTF route, applicants may either immediately apply for citizenship, or first apply for permanent residence and apply for citizenship at a later stage.

Application process:

Step 1: The first step in applying for citizenship is choosing an Authorized International Marketing Agent. Applications for citizenship may not be submitted directly to Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Committee (CBIC) and must only be handled by agents.

Step 2: The second step in an application for citizenship is contacting an Authorized Marketing Agent, whose role is to provide the applicant with assistance in preparing documents for submission to the CBIC. The applicant will need to complete official forms, attend a medical examination, and obtain certain supporting documents – all of which must be submitted in English and be appropriately legalized.

Step 3: When all forms are complete, the Authorized Local Agent submits the application to the Executive Office of the CBIC.

Step 4: Each application is vetted by the Government through a thorough due diligence background check, during which time submitted information is examined and verified. Letter is issued to successful applicant.



Lifelong Month(s)



3 Month(s)





Processing time

10 weeks



Very Low

What are eligibility requirements for the CBI-NTF Contribution?

6 Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • Applicant must be in good health; and not suffering from any communicable disease.
  • Applicant must have enough funds to make the required investment. The source of these funds must be legal.
  • Applicant must not provide false information.
  • Applicant must have clean police record.
  • Applicant must not have been denied a visa to a country with which Grenada has visa-free travel and who has not subsequently obtained a visa to the country that issued the denial.

Which documents do I need to apply for the CBI-NTF Contribution?

12 Document Required

  • A certificate by a medical practitioner, indicating that the main applicant and his or her applying family members are not suffering from any communicable disease and that they are otherwise in good health.
  • A police certificate.
  • Passport detail of applicant and family member included in application.
  • Details of all residential addresses for the past 10 years (not excluding any period of time).
  • Details of secondary education and above.
  • Employment Status, Source of Funds, and Business Affiliates.
  • Complete Personal info form.
  • Complete Fingerprint form.
  • Complete Particulars for the Office of Home Affairs form.
  • Complete Medical form.
  • Complete Employment form.
  • Complete Investment Confirmation.

Talent Migration data for Grenada

Talent gain & drain map of 2015-2019 data. Sourced from World Bank Digital Development Data.

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