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Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity, and status that provides access to Estonia’s transparent business environment: a new digital nation for the world. E-resident entrepreneurs from all over the world can start an EU-based company and manage the business from anywhere, entirely online. With the e-residency, you can:

  • Register an EU company 100% online
  • Manage business remotely from anywhere
  • Access Estonia’s open business environment
  • Reduce bureaucracy and go paperless

The application process is: Gather your documentation 2. Submit application and pay the fee 3. Application review 4. Pick up e-Residency kit You will receive a government-issued smart ID card that works as your digital identification and authorization. The ID card permits you digitally sign important documents, access secure services, and make secure transactions.



5 years





Processing time

3-8 weeks




What are eligibility requirements for the e-residency?

2 Eligibility Requirements

  • Pay state fee and receive confirmation email after successfully submitting. State fee: €100-120.
  • E-Residency is open to individuals from all countries, from Germany to Ukraine, Brazil to Spain. Most e-residents are entrepreneurs who work digitally, are location-independent and want to start and run an EU company.

Which documents do I need to apply for the e-residency?

5 Document Required

  • A copy of your identity document: You will need to submit a copy of your travel document issued by your country of citizenship. The identification documents accepted by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board are passports or European Union identity cards. Note, when you pick up your e-Residency digital ID card, you must bring the same travel document you used for the application. If the document you used on the application expires before picking up your e-Residency card, you must bring a renewed, valid copy of your travel document and, if possible, also the document used in your application.
  • Digital photo: The application requires you to provide a passport-style photo of your face in colour. A photo must be no older than six months. You can take the photo at home using a digital camera, but make sure you follow instructions and requirements for the document photo.
  • Motivation statement: Write an explanation as to why you are applying for e-Residency.
  • CV: You will also need to provide information about your education and work experience.
  • Credit card: You will need a credit card to pay the state fee for application processing. Accepted card types are VISA and MasterCard.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Entrepreneurs from all over the world can apply for this e-permit.

  • E-Residency is open to individuals from all countries, from Germany to Ukraine, Brazil to Spain. Most e-residents are entrepreneurs who work digitally, are location-independent and want to start and run an EU company.

  • Business owners looking to go paperless and run a fully digital company in the EU should apply for e-residency.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to access the EU market, capital or payment solutions should apply for e-residency.

  • Freelancers and consultants who want to save time and automate or delegate their invoicing processes should apply for e-residency.

  • Digital nomads seeking a minimalist lifestyle and true freedom from a fixed location should apply for e-residency.

  • 100-120 Euros.

  • If granted e-Residency, you will be invited to: (1) Collect e-Residency kit at location selected on your application (2) Bring government-issued ID submitted with application (3) Submit fingerprints

  • The e-residency allows you to have a remote tax address and company, but not to reside physically in Estonia.

  • Your status as an e-resident does not grant permission to travel to Estonia or within the EU without a visa, should one be needed. Your e-Residency digital ID card can not be used for travel and does not display a photo for physical identification.

  • No, it does not. While an e-resident’s digital ID makes it possible to start a company without travelling to Estonia and to manage the company, for the most part, remotely, starting a company is still a separate procedure, and merely having been granted an e-resident’s digital ID does not mean that a company has been automatically set up.

Talent Migration data for Estonia

Talent gain & drain map of 2015-2019 data. Sourced from World Bank Digital Development Data.

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How to open a company in Estonia & become an e-resident in 30 days

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