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The Thailand Elite Visa is a long-term visa given to the Thailand Privilege Card members. It is categorized under Tourist Visa (Privilege Entry Visa “PE”) allowing residency in Thailand along with benefits for a period between 5, 10, or 20 years depending on the chosen package in exchange for a membership fee. - The Thai Elite Visa is a 5-year renewable multiple entry visa with an extendable 1-year length of stay per each entry. - The Thai Elite visa holder can have an uninterrupted stay in Thailand without the usual need to leave the country every 90 days as with the other visa types. - The Elite Visa holder will be represented by the Thai Elite staff on the 90-day reporting as required by the Thai Immigration. - Thai Elite Visa holders will receive expedited immigration formalities and passport control processing when arriving in Thailand The Thai Elite Visa differs from the retirement visa in such a way that the financial requirement or membership fee is non-refundable. The financial requirement for a retirement visa is deposited in the visa holder’s bank account as his/her own savings. The retirement visa must be renewed every year whereas the Thai Elite visa does not need to be renewed every year. Both Thai Elite Visa and Retirement Visa require 90-day address reporting.


5-20 years



24,16 to 30,198 USD


Processing time

1-3 months




What are eligibility requirements for the Thai Elite Visa?

22 Eligibility Requirements

  • Holder of a foreign passport.
  • Being allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws, which means the applicant has no overstay record in Thailand.
  • No age limit is required for this program apart from the Elite Ultimate Privilege (Grand Package) which requires to be at least 20 years old.
  • Not having been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries except for an offense committed to negligence.
  • Not having been adjudicated bankrupt.
  • Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasi-incompetence.
  • You can apply for the Thailand Elite Visa whether you are in Thailand or abroad.
  • Having passport with visa granted by the Embassy or Consular Office abroad or by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Not having been sentenced to imprisonment by Thai court’s judgment or lawful order, or foreign court’s judgment, except for in case of a petty offence or an offence committed to negligence.
  • Not being a person against whom arrest warrant has been issued by Thai government or foreign government, nor a person whose name is listed in a watch list of Thai government or foreign government.
  • Not having been exiled by Thai government or foreign government or deported by the official.
  • Not being a person considered harmful to the society or likely to disturb the peace or public safety or security of the Kingdom of Thailand.
  • Not being a person entering into the Kingdom of Thailand and engaged in business against public order or good moral.
  • Being a person permitted to reside in or enter into the kingdom of Thailand in accordance with the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 or other immigration related laws.
  • Being a person travelling to or departing the Kingdom of Thailand via the channels, checkpoints, stations, or areas designated in the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 or other immigration related laws.
  • Being a person travelling to or departing the Kingdom of Thailand and having submitted all particulars in accordance with the forms, methods, and conditions required and having passed immigration checking processes by immigration officer at the underlying checkpoint.
  • Not being a person involved, directly or indirectly, in bankruptcy or insolvency liquidation.
  • Not being a person involved, directly or indirectly, in money laundry or financial crime.
  • I am aware of my duty to conduct 90-day report when I stay 90 days consecutively in Thailand.
  • I am aware of my duty to present myself to the Immigration Bureau when I stay 365 days consecutively in Thailand irrelevant to the 90-day reports which I accomplish prior to the 365 day consecutive stay.
  • I am aware of the application condition of which I must not have more than one overstay record in Thailand in the part three years.
  • I am aware of my duty to keep my residence record in Thailand so called TM30.

Which documents do I need to apply for the Thai Elite Visa?

4 Document Required

  • Filling out the application and Submission of Application.
  • Approval of the Thai Elite Application.
  • Payment of the membership fee.
  • Issuance of the Thai Elite Visa.

Talent Migration data for Thailand

Talent gain & drain map of 2015-2019 data. Sourced from World Bank Digital Development Data.

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