Student Resident Permit

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Foreign students who wish to study and reside in Austria for more than 6 months, need to apply for a student resident visa. This visa allows you to study and work part-time depending on the policy of the university and your course.

The processing time for study visa may take from 6-12 weeks from the application day.

You can bring spouse and kids with you.

The general application process are :

  1. Find a course in an approved educational institution of the Austria

  2. Contact the university and initiate your application process.

  3. Find out the requirements from the university to get the acceptance/admission letter.

  4. Get the acceptance/admission letter from the university in Austria

  5. Prepare your visa application and gather other required documents for it.

  6. Apply for student visa and prepare to move to Austria

Note: If you plan to work (pursuing gainful employment) in Austria during your studies, please make sure to inquire about the legal regulations before taking up a job! Working in Austria illegally may lead to fines or prison sentences and you may even be expelled from the country.


more than 6 months



120 Month(s)



850 per semester



60 Month(s)




Eligibility Requirements

5 Eligibility Requirements for Student Resident Permit

  • A place to study has to be available at the university for the desired course of studies.
  • The applicant must have an A-level or high school diploma, that can be considered equivalent to an Austrian Matura examination certification (either regulated by an agreement or in individual cases decided by the vice chancellor, possibly with certain requirements) or furnish proof of completion of a three-year (minimum) study at another certified post-secondary educational institution.
  • The certification must be sufficient for acceptance to the desired course of study at a university in the country in which it was acquired. Any study-related requirements (e.g. entrance examination) must be fulfilled in the country in which the A-level or high school diploma was issued.
  • In addition, the applicant must have sufficient German knowledge. If necessary, an examination is to be taken.
  • The applicant have to pay a tuition fee of €726.72 per semester.

Document Requirements

7 Document Required for Student Resident Permit

  • Copies of valid passport (including the bio page, past visas, etc.).
  • Educational certificates: A-levels, high school diploma or equivalent certification.
  • Transcript with grades from the last school year (if applicable).
  • Necessary filled-out forms, as applicable (Application form for admission, Registration form Form for statistics, Student document of identification with photograph attached Form for continuation).
  • Recent passport size photo.
  • Bank receipt indicating payment of the per semester tuition fee if the applicant is not otherwise exempt.
  • Copies of travel health insurance.

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