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Non-EU nationals can apply for a Germany Freelance Visa, a residence permit, if they have a freelancer job expected to have a positive economic or cultural impact in Germany. The most popular freelance occupations are artists, writers, language teachers and freelance doctors, engineers, auditors, translators or architects.

Citizens of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, the United States and South Korea can apply for a state visa on arrival in Germany.

In particular, the following criteria are considered based on the provision of information to be submitted when applying for a residence permit and a practical business plan. 

  • sustainability of business ideas, 
  • your business experience, 
  • the amount of capital to invest, 
  • the regional impact on employment and vocational training
  • your contribution to innovation and research


3-36 months



11 years





P. Residency

3 years


Processing time

5-6 weeks




What are eligibility requirements for the Germany Freelancer “Freiberufler” Visa?

2 Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a self-employed academic, artistic, literary, teaching, educational or other self-employed professional occupation in accordance with s. 18 (1) Income Tax Act.
  • If you have already completed the 45th year of life, you need an adequate pension plan of at least 1,340.47 monthly EUR.

Which documents do I need to apply for the Germany Freelancer “Freiberufler” Visa?

12 Document Required

  • Valid passport.
  • 1 current biometric with the following features: photo 35mm x 45mm, frontal shot with neutral facial expression and closed mouth, looking straight into the camera, light background.
  • The Form "Application for Issuance of a Residence Permit".
  • The form of revenue forecast.
  • Regarding artists and language teachers: Proof of other regular income E.g. own assets, regular transfers from dependent parents, submission of a declaration of obligation by a solvent third party.
  • If you want to work on a fee basis: Letter of intent for the collaboration Submission of at least two declarations of intent (with information on type, scope and description of the occupation).
  • Fee contracts.
  • A CV with details of professional career, qualification certificates, diploma, references/sponsors.
  • Permit (if required) for the freelance occupation, e.g. a license to practice law (original).
  • Proof of a secure livelihood must also include sufficient health insurance.
  • Lease or proof of home ownership in Germany.
  • Proof of the monthly rental costs (e.g. current account statement) or costs of the inhabited property; in each case in original form.

Talent Migration data for Germany

Talent gain & drain map of 2015-2019 data. Sourced from World Bank Digital Development Data.

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