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Macau offers residency to foreign investors through a qualified investment scheme. Major considerations for application under the category of “Major Investment/Investment Plan” include but are not limited to the following:

Industrial entity (Article 2(1) of Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005)

  • manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.
  • manufacturing of food products.
  • manufacturing of high and new technology products.
  • manufacturing of medical equipment.
  • manufacturing of high value-added products such as environmental products.
  • industrial projects beneficial to Macao’s moderate economic diversification.

Service entity (Article 2(2) of Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005)

– financial services.

– consultation services.

– transportation services (logistics).

– auxiliary services provided for industries and businesses.

– a series of travel-related services derived from tourism industry (such as: large integrated entertainment facilities e.g. theme park, travel agency, special products or services, retail of branded products.

– cultural and creative industry.

– public utilities.

– high and new technology service industry.

– Medical and healthcare.

– Convention and exhibition.

– Quality control.

– Education.

– Social service.

– Multi-national consultation service.

– International trade.

– Environmental protection.

– World-renowned franchising operation or agent for brands.

– Traditional Chinese Medicine.

– E-Commerce.

Hospitality entity and other similar entity (Article 2(3) of Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005)

  • hotels of all classes.
  • similar establishments with special characteristics.

In accordance with Article 1(1)and (2) of Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005 “Investors, Managerial Personnel, Technical and Professional Qualification Holders Residency Scheme”, the natural person listed above who is not a local resident can apply for temporary residency in the Macao SAR.



12 months



120 Month(s)





P. Residency

110 Month(s)


Processing time

8 weeks



Very Low

What are eligibility requirements for the Citizenship By Investment Visa?

5 Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must have an Investment plan (applicant should provide documentary proof of the feasibility of the related project).
  • The investment plan must make a contribution to Macao’s Labour and Employment Market by creating more local jobs.
  • The investment plan should be beneficial to Macao’s development as a regional cooperation service platform or the trade and economic cooperation service platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.
  • Applicant must not have criminal record.
  • Applicant must have sufficient financial resources to sustain oneself for the intended period of stay.

Which documents do I need to apply for the Citizenship By Investment Visa?

12 Document Required

  • Investment Proposal (form available for download at IPIM’s website (
  • Profit and loss statement and balance sheets of the most recent two years (if applicable).
  • Original and a copy of the Proof of Funds: for example, proof of company deposits, passbook, monthly statements, credit documents, etc., issued by a local credit institution. In case of more than one certificate, the last cut-off date shall prevail.
  • Original of the Business Registration Certificate issued within the previous three months (if applicable).
  • Original and a copy of the Business Registration Tax – Declaration of Business Startup /Alterations (Form M/1) (if applicable).
  • Original and a copy of the Business Registration Tax Demand Notice (Form M/8), Profits Tax – Group B Income Declaration (Form M/1), Profits Tax – Notification of Taxable Income Assessment (Form M/5) and Profits Tax Demand Notice (Form M/6) (only applicable to businesses with profits) of the most recent two years.
  • Original and a copy of the List of Salaries Taxed Employees and Casual Workers (Form M3/M4) of the most recent quarter.
  • Social Security Fund Payment Receipt of the most recent quarter (if applicable).
  • Documentary proof of tenure for the business premise, e.g. lease contract, promissory sale and purchase contract, property registration certificate, etc. (if applicable).
  • Documentary proof of business operation, e.g. business agreements of the orders received, signed or to be signed, photos and catalogues of goods and services, business license, photos of the business premise, etc. (if applicable).
  • Product certification or validation, service flowchart standard certification, or verification of entitlements under Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) (if applicable).
  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant and relevant documentary proof : the CV shall specify the academic qualifications, work and business experience, which shall conform to the documentary proof submitted and be acknowledged by signature.

Talent Migration data for Macau

Talent gain & drain map of 2015-2019 data. Sourced from World Bank Digital Development Data.

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