Entrepreneur Visa (Entrepass)

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The EntrePass allows eligible foreign entrepreneurs to start and operate a business in Singapore that is venture-backed or possesses innovative technologies. Find out what businesses are eligible, how to apply and the requirements for renewing the pass:

You can apply for an EntrePass if you meet both conditions:
  • Have started, or intend to start, a private limited company registered with ACRA that is venture-backed or owns innovative technologies.
  • If registered, the company must be less than 6 months old on the date you apply, and if not registered, you can do so after you know the outcome of your application.


24 months



120 Month(s)






48 Month(s)




Eligibility Requirements

8 Eligibility Requirements for Entrepreneur Visa (Entrepass)

  • You must have or intend to set up a private limited company registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) in Singapore.
  • You must have funding of at least $100,000 from a government investment vehicle, venture capitalist (VC), or business angel that is recognized by a Singapore Government agency.
  • You must have significant business experience or network and promising entrepreneurial track record of starting highly-scalable businesses and want to start and operate an innovative tech or venture-backed business in Singapore.
  • You must have founded and sold a tech company.
  • You must have raised significant funding from investors for a current or past venture.
  • You must have been or are being incubated by an internationally renowned incubator or accelerator.
  • You must have at least 8 years’ experience as a senior management professional or executive in a large corporation.
  • You must demonstrate how your business networks and track record can contribute to the growth of your proposed business in Singapore (e.g. produce a letter of intent from prospective customers).

Document Requirements

6 Document Required for Entrepreneur Visa (Entrepass)

  • Copy of the personal particulars page of passport.
  • Past employment testimonials in English or resume to elaborate on professional experiences, awards or recognitions.
  • (For businesses registered with ACRA) Company’s latest business profile or instant information from Bizfile.
  • A business plan in English, maximum 10 pages, consisting of: product and service offered, market analysis, operation plan, profile of management team, and supporting documents, e.g. licensing agreements, product certificates and endorsement patents.
  • Evidence of funding raised for 100,000 USD, if funding is from a government-recognized venture capitalist (VC), or business angel, submit documents (e.g. investment agreement, shareholder certificate).
  • Evidence that your company is an incubatee at a government-recognized incubator or accelerator, or is involved in the [email protected] programme (as applicable).

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