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A person who has worked for at least 1 year or more at a foreign public institution or headquarters/branch/ or any other offices of a foreign company, and is dispatched to the affiliates, subsidiary, or branch in ROK in a field requiring expertise can apply for Intra-Company Transferee (Foreign Company) D-7-1 visa

You are eligible to apply for this visa if you are:
1. An executive, senior manager, or specialist dispatched to a Korean branch

2. An executive, a legal consultant, or an administrative staff dispatched to a foreign legal consultant office.



12 Month(s)



60 Month(s)





Processing time

3-5 Week(s)




What are eligibility requirements for the Intra-Company Transferee Visa - Foreign Company?

4 Eligibility Requirements

  • You need a passport valid for at least 6 months
  • You need an invitation from the branch in ROK
  • You must be highly required specialist
  • You must be currently employed in the same company

Which documents do I need to apply for the Intra-Company Transferee Visa - Foreign Company?

11 Document Required

  • Application form for Confirmation of Visa Issuance (Form No. 21
  • A Statement of Invitation
  • A document demonstrating you are a highly required specialist (i.e. resume, a certificate of employment history)
  • A proof of an applicant's current employment status from an applicant's company
  • A dispatch order from an applicant's organization
  • A copy of a permission for the establishment of a Korean branch or a copy of an Acceptance of Declaration
  • A record of the inflow of funds or capital to a Korean branch or liaison office in ROK
  • In case of a newly-established company, a business management outline is required to submit
  • A Certificate of Tax Payment, etc
  • If a representative is hired, he/she must submit a Power of Attorney from an applicant, his/her employment certificate and A copy of ID Card
  • The head of Immigration Office may request for additional documents if it is deemed necessary to review the purpose of entry, validity of an invitation, and qualification of an inviting organization or an invitee

Talent Migration data for South Korea

Talent gain & drain map of 2015-2019 data. Sourced from World Bank Digital Development Data.

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