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$5 E-SIM to Do SMS Verification Hack for Digital Nomads

Authored by Danish Soomro

$5 E-SIM to Do SMS Verification Hack for Digital Nomads

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Digital nomads have several challenges when staying connected while traveling around the world. One of these challenges is verifying SMS with a number because we change our SIM number in each country we go to. A reliable phone number is crucial for securing your online accounts or accessing essential services. 

If you are a digital nomad, constantly moving, you might think you need to pay exorbitant fees for an international phone number. Good news! We have a solution for you: Tello $5 eSIM.

For years, nomads and constant travelers have relied on Skype and other providers' numbers for various purposes. However, frustration arises when platforms like Twitter, banks, and daily services refuse to accept it as a valid phone number. The most popular yet ineffective option is paying an expensive monthly fee of $40 to $50 to keep a phone number.

There is an alternative to save money and be able to have an international number: Tello

What is Tello's $5 e-sim? 

Tello is a low-cost US carrier offering a game-changing prepaid eSIM card with a budget-friendly $5/month plan. This eSIM plan saves you money and solves the SMS verification challenge, even if you are countries away from the United States. 

How to use a $5 e-sim for number verification for digital nomads

1. Sign up and Get $10 Credit: Start by signing up using this link. This community-friendly link will give you $10 in credit, enough for two (2) months of service. 

2. Get Your eSIM: You must complete a registration form to acquire a new eSIM. The system will request your device's IMEI number to verify eSIM functionality. Once confirmed, you can select a US number. Choose the city that suits you best. For instance, select a Chicago number if your business registration is in Chicago.

3. Add eSIM to Your Device: After acquiring your eSIM, add it to your phone using the provided QR code. Simple! 

Then, activate Wi-Fi calling on your device. Here are two pictures that show how to activate Wi-Fi calling on Android and iPhone respectively:

You are now ready to receive SMS from anywhere in the world.

Our team member Danish personally tested these steps to ensure that platforms such as Twitter and Zoho can recognize your Tello number for SMS verification. You can rest assured that this method works like a charm. 

Digital nomads are loving Tello. A Digital Nomads Around the World community member stated:

I use Tello and have used it for a few years in the US, and yes, it is as simple as that.

With Tello's eSIM, you can stay connected without breaking the bank.

TOP TIP: Google Voice, a popular alternative, may soon stop working effectively, making Tello's eSIM an even more attractive option.

Can Tello be used outside the US?

Absolutely! Tello extends its coverage to multiple countries in South and Central America. To make it work, simply enable Wi-Fi calling, and your messages will flow seamlessly. Plus, you can even make calls without any issues.

Here's what another satisfied community member had to say:

I purchased this Tello plan from Germany a couple of months ago, and it has worked well so far (I have made some calls to the US and received some texts for 2FA). Always used it with WIFI, so no additional costs. I am going to travel to the US soon, and hopefully, it will connect to the network there without problems. You probably need a US address and CC for the sign-up (I have both).

Say goodbye to SMS verification hassles and hello to Tello's $5 eSIM

You can maintain a reliable US number without excessive pricing today and experience seamless SMS verification, no matter where you are currently nomading. 

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