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Ecuador Visa Options for Digital Nomads and Expats in 2023

Authored by Andrea Villegas

Ecuador Visa Options for Digital Nomads and Expats in 2023

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Are you a digital nomad or expat looking to move to Ecuador in 2023? Then you need the right visa to enter the country. Fortunately, there are a number of Ecuador visa options for digital nomads and expats in 2023, available depending on the circumstances. 

Why do expats relocate to Ecuador?

  • The climate is amazing, and depending on the altitude there can be different temperatures. 
  • There is a large expat community of around 10,000 people, mostly from the US and Canada. 
  • You have easy 3-hour access to the beach by car (depending on the city you choose).
  • Ecuador uses the US dollar as its currency. So, for the purposes of using your credit or debit card from the United States, there is no currency exchange. 
  • The food and the culture are amazing, and the Ecuadorians are friendly. 
  • The cost of living is incredibly low. For reference, consider that a full lunch costs around $2 USD.

Chat with our verified expert, Sara, to learn more about your options to move to Ecuador. She has years in business and has been featured by the New York Times.

What are the requirements for the Ecuador Retirement Visa?

If you are applying for a Retiree Visa, you will need a lifetime pension of $1275 USD per month plus $250 USD per dependent if you are bringing your family. If you only have a pension for the next two years, you can also apply for a pension visa, but your permit is also only valid for two years.

Depending on the country you are from, you may need to provide a clean criminal record from the country where you have lived for the past 5 years.

If you are applying with a partner, you must also provide your marriage certificate to prove the relationship

What are the visa options for digital nomads in Ecuador?

For remote workers, there is the Digital Nomad Visa for Ecuador. It is necessary to receive a salary and work remotely for a foreign company. You must show a copy of your employment contract stating that you will receive a monthly payment of $1275 and bank statements for the past three months to verify this is your income. If you are just starting your job and cannot show your bank statements, you can also prove you have a balance with savings of $15,300 USD.

Young digital nomads can apply for a Professional Visa. You must have your university papers and a clear police report. You must also show a motivation letter in Spanish. This way you can gain professional experience in Ecuador. 

⚠️ Remember that for all visas, you need to provide the authorities with an apostilled clean criminal record from your country of residence, and have health insurance valid in Ecuador. Also, remember that foreign documents need to be apostilled.

What are the requirements for the Ecuador Investor Visa?

The main requirement for acquiring the Investor Visa is to make a minimum investment of at least $42,500 USD. You can invest your money by opening an Equatorial bank account and keeping it with the required funds for at least two years. You can also invest in real estate or in a business.

Can I renew my Ecuador Temporary Visa? 

After two years of temporary residence in Ecuador, you have two options. The first one is renewing your temporary residence visa for another two years, as many times as you want.

The other option is to convert the visa from temporary residence to permanent residence. In this case, you must respect the minimum stay in Ecuador, i.e. you can only leave the country for 90 days a year.

If I become a Permanent Resident in Ecuador, do I have to pay taxes for foreign income?

There is currently no law explaining whether a person working from Ecuador must pay taxes. Generally, however, you are not required to report income that is not earned in Ecuador. 

Some visas, like the Retirement Visa, do ask the beneficiary to file a tax return even though they do not have to pay taxes to the government.

How much time do I have to live in Ecuador to apply for citizenship?

You need to count three years from the date you receive your Permanent Residence Visa. The condition is that you are not allowed to stay outside Ecuador for more than 180 days per year during these three years, that is, if you are a permanent resident and want to become a citizen, you can stay in Ecuador for six months and elsewhere for six months but not more.

Where can I travel visa-free with an Ecuador passport?

Ecuador has a special agreement with 10 countries in South America (including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Bolivia), which you can visit only with your ID card and stay for 180 days.  

We hope this Q&A with our verified immigration expert is a good start for your move to Ecuador. Remember that you can watch the full session with Sara and Adam below.

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