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The Panama Short Stay Visa as a Remote Worker or the Panama Digital Nomad Visa is issued in the non-resident category. Short-term remote worker visas are issued, allowing holders to work remotely in the Republic of Panama without completing additional procedures or obtaining permission from other government agencies. You work or live in that country.

  • The visa period is 9 months and can be renewed once during that period, and the accompanying card costs approx. 50 USD.
  • You can apply as a remote worker employed by a foreign company or as a freelancer.


1.5 years





Processing time

1 month



Very low

What are eligibility requirements for the Panama Digital Nomad Visa?

3 Eligibility Requirements

  • You are self-employed, contracted as an employee of a foreign company with a transnational character or work remotely.
  • Execution of influential functions abroad through IT.
  • Income earned in a foreign country of 36,000 Balboa annually that is approx. 3,000USD monthly for a year.

Which documents do I need to apply for the Panama Digital Nomad Visa?

9 Document Required

  • Complete the appropriate application form, including the applicant's promise to pay the cost of return or, if applicable, return or repatriation to the country of destination.
  • 3 passport photos.
  • A copy of the applicant's health insurance. It must remain insured in the country and be valid for the entire duration of the applicant's stay.
  • Proof or confirmation of the existence of a foreign company at the place of registration.
  • Company letter signed by the legal representative on company letterhead: General information of the applicant. Duties and functions performed. Minimum income of 3,000USD monthly. Statement of work mode (remote work). Obligations - if applicable - to pay the costs of return or repatriation in the country of origin or destination.
  • Strict declaration signed by the applicant not to accept offers of work or services in the territory of the country with citizens, residents, tourists or businesses from the Republic of Panama.
  • Payment of two hundred and fifty balboas with 00/ 100 (131.250.00) in favor of the National Immigration Service which is approx. $250USD.
  • If you apply as a freelancer: Certification or verification of your business, duly registered abroad, used by you to conduct business. OR A statement describing a business relationship with a client providing services before a notary public must include the following information: Full name is taken, general information of the applicant and client, services provided to a specific client, number of services provided, cash generated and the payment cycle for services rendered.
  • To prove your income, you need to show either your account statement showing that the income was earned abroad and is related to a certain employment status or a statement of account with the accreditation stamp from the issuing bank confirming the remittance operation of a foreign or local bank and attesting its relevance to a specific employment status.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Panama is a tax-friendly country that does not tax foreign workers on income earned abroad. Also, if you have lived in Panama for more than 9 months, you may be able to apply as a resident, which may prevent you from paying taxes in your home country.

  • Yes, you can extend it, but you need to present the same documents as when you first applied.

Talent Migration data for Panama

Talent gain & drain map of 2015-2019 data. Sourced from World Bank Digital Development Data.

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