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The Panama Digital Nomad Visa or Remote Worker Visa allows you to work remotely from Panama. For nomads, Panama provides an appealing way of life. With its warm temperature, breathtaking landscape, and energetic cities, it has long been a favored vacation spot for seniors and ex-pats alike. In comparison to industrialized Western countries, it is also reasonably priced.

The visa costs include:

• $250 application fee payable to the National Immigration Agency.

• $50 for the issuance of the visa card.

Disclaimer: This visa application is not open yet, and this information is not from an official source. We'll update soon. You can currently apply with an attorney.



1.5 years












Very low

Eligibility Requirements for the Panama Digital Nomad Visa

3 Eligibility Requirements

  • Have an operating contract with a foreign transnational company or is an independent worker. The work must be done in a telework mode.
  • Be able to perform their work in Panama.
  • Have an income from a foreign source and with an annual amount not less than Thirty-Six Thousand Dollars with 00/100 ($36,0000USD) or its equivalent in foreign currency.

Document Requirements for the Panama Digital Nomad Visa

11 Document Required

  • A completed application form, which also includes a commitment to fund the costs to return to their home country upon completion of stay period.
  • 3 passport size photographs.
  • A copy of valid medical insurance which covers the applicant during their stay in Panama.
  • Certified passport copies.
  • Certificate showing a clean criminal record.
  • Affidavit of non-acceptance of any job offers within Panama territory (i.e., all work needs to relate to operations carried out outside of Panama territory).
  • Proof of annual income in excess of $36000. The applicant must provide bank certification and authenticated bank statements to prove sufficient income and funding.
  • Applicants who are working remotely for a foreign company must submit a letter from the company which includes: • The role and functions which the applicant exercises at the company, • The monthly income of the applicant, • The work modality (how the work is performed from abroad).
  • Applicants who are self-employed must provide: • Proof of ownership of a company which is registered outside of Panama, • A sworn declaration outlining the business activities that they are engaged in, the services which they offer, the nature of their clients, and their past and expected revenue.
  • Documents must be properly notarized and authenticated at a Panama Consulate.
  • Proof of payment of $250 in favor of National Immigration Service (Servicio Nacional de Migración).

Frequently asked questions

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  • Panama is a tax-friendly country that does not tax remote employees on any revenue earned outside. Additionally, if you have lived in Panama for nine months or longer, you are eligible to apply for tax residence, which might allow you to avoid paying taxes to your home country.

Talent Migration data for Panama

Talent gain & drain map of 2015-2019 data. Sourced from World Bank Digital Development Data.

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