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The citizen of a country that does not participate in the European Union, can Volunteer in Cyprus on basis of Volunteer visa who and after arrival in Cyprus legitimately for voluntary purposes, must, within 10 days from the arrival date, submit an application to the Civil Registry and Migration Department, in order to obtain a residence permit.



12 months













Eligibility Requirements

5 Eligibility Requirements for Volunteer Visas

  • Applicant must be a non EU/EEA national.
  • Applicant must not be younger than 18 years old nor older than 30 years old, unless the voluntary service programme defines different ages.
  • Applicant must adduce the agreement with the competent for the voluntary service programme organization, which must encompass: description of tasks, the working hours, resources that will be allocated to cover travel expenses, living expenses, accommodation costs and pocket money for the entire duration of the stay, as well as description of the training to be followed, in order to ensure that the person concerned will correctly carry out the entrusted tasks.
  • Applicant must adduce evidence that the competent for the voluntary service programme organization has concluded a liability insurance contract and accepts full responsibility of the person concerned throughout the duration of the stay.
  • Applicant must attend basic introductory language courses and courses in relation to the history of Cyprus and its political and social structures.

Document Requirements

9 Document Required for Volunteer Visas

  • Valid travel document, with duration validity of at least 2 years or with duration validity that covers the total duration of stay.
  • Medical expenses insurance (all risks coverage).
  • Duly certified copy of passport or other travel document, with a validity of at least the expected duration of the program.
  • Original medical examinations for Hepatitis B and C, AIDS/HIV, Syphilis and report of chest X-ray for Tuberculosis from Cyprus stamped and signed by government doctor with validity of 4 months.
  • Confirmation that the applicant will participate in introductory classes to the language, history, political and social structures of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Copy of the Agreement between the applicant and the Organization which is responsible for the volunteer work program.
  • Duly certified copy of criminal record issued by the relevant authorities of the country of origin officially translation in Greek or English.
  • 2 passport-sized photographs.
  • Receipt of payment of application fees.

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