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If you are a self-employed person with an established business abroad and have entered into a contract to carry out an assignment for a business in Norway, you can apply for the Skilled Self Employed Business Assignment Permit.

There is currently no Digital Nomad Visa for Norway, but you might be able to apply for a residency permit or register an LLC to stay more than 90 days and legally work in Norway.

You can only work remotely in Norway if you have a residence permit. There are no special residence permits for working from home in Norway. If you want to work remotely during your stay, you must have a residence permit to work remotely. 

  • Residence permit for family immigration 
  • A permanent residence permit
  • A work permit where remote work is part of the job


2 years





Processing time

6 weeks




What are eligibility requirements for the Norway Self-Employed Visa?

8 Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a self-employed person with an established business abroad and have entered into a contract to carry out an assignment for a business in Norway.
  • The business in Norway must have a registered business address here.
  • The offer of an assignment must be for one specific enterprise in Norway.
  • Your remuneration must be of normal Norway standards.
  • Your qualifications as a skilled worker must be relevant to your ability to complete the assignment.
  • If you are going to carry out an assignment in an occupation for which recognition or authorization is required, you must obtain such approval or authorization.
  • You must have education/ qualification according to nature of the job offered: a completed vocational training programme of at least three years at upper secondary school level, or completed education or degree from a university/ university college or special qualifications that you have obtained through long work experience, if relevant in combination with courses, etc.
  • You must know your rights and obligations and must pay the application fee.

Which documents do I need to apply for the Norway Self-Employed Visa?

14 Document Required

  • Passport and copy of all used pages in passport.
  • Signed cover letter from the Application portal.
  • 2 new/recent passport size photos with white background.
  • Document of accommodation in Norway.
  • Documentation of your education and/or Documentation of work experience containing information on the period you worked at the employer along with your CV.
  • The contract between you and the Norwegian client.
  • The documentation that you are a self-employed contractor with a business established abroad.
  • UDI's checklist, filled up and signed.
  • Provide an explanation in case you are not going to stay or work in Norway during the whole period you have applied residence permit for.
  • If you submit your application in a country other than your home country: Provide documentation that you have held a residence permit for the last six months in this country.
  • If you submit your application in Norway: Provide evidence that you are legally present in Norway.
  • If you are to work in a profession for which recognition or authorisation is required: Provide documentation that you have been recognised or authorized by the relevant recognition authority for your profession (as applicable).
  • If you want a representative to follow up your application in UDI on your behalf: Provide Power of Attorney form.
  • If you want to start your work while your permit application is being processed, provide a letter of request mentioning this.

Talent Migration data for Norway

Talent gain & drain map of 2015-2019 data. Sourced from World Bank Digital Development Data.

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