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If you plan to work as a cook and prepare ethnic food in Norway, you need a residence permit as an ethnic cook.

Application process:

  1. Gather the documents as applicable for this purpose of residence.
  2. Choose your application form on the portal.
  3. Register and fill the form with the required information and choose the correct embassy that will receive your application (depending on your home country).
  4. Book your appointment online and visit one of the application centers in your home country, as guided by the portal.
  5. Submit your application with the documents.

Your employer can also file the application on your behalf. Check the necessary requirements and gather the documents accordingly.

NOTE: If you plan to work as a cook and prepare non-ethnic food in Norway, you can apply for a permit as a 'skilled worker with an employer in Norway'.



12 months



84 Month(s)



620 (approx.)


P. Residency

36 Month(s)


Processing time

6 weeks




What are eligibility requirements for the Ethnic cook residence permit?

9 Eligibility Requirements

  • You must have at least ten years' relevant education and/or work experience. You must have worked at a high-standard hotel/restaurant for at least half of the work experience period.
  • If you are from China, you must have a certificate from the authorities stating that you are a 'level 1' cook or a 'level 2' cook.
  • If you are from Thailand, you must have a certificate from the authorities stating that you are a 'level 2' cook.
  • You must be employed at an ethnic restaurant (In some cases, the UDI can accept that the restaurant serves food from several countries).
  • The job you are offered must require qualifications as an ethnic cook. You must have the qualifications that the job requires.
  • You must have received a concrete offer of full-time employment from one specific employer in Norway, specifying the name of the restaurant you are going to work at (Working at several restaurants, even if they are from the same owner is not allowed).
  • The pay and working conditions must not be lesser than stipulated in Riksavtalen for hotell og restaurant (national collective agreement for hotel and restaurant workers).
  • You can also be granted a permit to work for a catering company that meets the requirements for being regarded as an ethnic restaurant.
  • You should know your rights and obligation of Norway.

Which documents do I need to apply for the Ethnic cook residence permit?

19 Document Required

  • Passport and copy of all used pages in passport.
  • Signed cover letter from the Application portal.
  • 2 new/recent passport size photos with white background.
  • Document of accommodation in Norway.
  • The UDI's Offer of employment form, filled up.
  • Documentation of your education.
  • Documentation of work experience containing information on the period you worked at the employer along with your CV.
  • Documentation from the restaurant you are going to work at: license to serve food, documentation on financial profitability, menu and a short description of the concept of the restaurant.
  • UDI's checklist, filled up and signed.
  • For applicants with work experience from China: Provide a craft certificate from Labor Bureau or Commercial Bureau in the provincial capital or Beijing, Shanghai or Tianjin.
  • For applicants with work experience from Hong Kong: Provide documentation proving that you are either “Executive Chef” or “Sous Chef”.
  • For applicants with experience from Thailand: Provide a valid certificate from an official Skill Development Center or Skill Development Institute or another institution which the Department of Labor in Thailand has given approval for this purpose.
  • For applicants who have had a residence permit as an ethnic cook in the last 12 months: Provide all your payslips from the period when you worked as an ethnic cook.
  • If you submit your application in a country other than your home country: Provide documentation of a residence permit for the last six months in this country.
  • If you submit your application in Norway: Provide evidence that you are legally present in Norway.
  • If you would like your employer or another person to apply/follow up at UDI on your behalf: Provide Power of Attorney form.
  • If the offer of employment is not continuous and/or your position is not full time (less than 80%), then provide a document explaining this situation.
  • If you are going to work for more than one employer then provide justified documentation explaining this purpose.
  • If you want to start work while your permit application is being processed, provide a letter of request mentioning this.

Talent Migration data for Norway

Talent gain & drain map of 2015-2019 data. Sourced from World Bank Digital Development Data.

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