📅 June 07, 2022

Best Insurance Plans for Digital Nomads in 2022

Authored by Paula Vazquez

Best Insurance Plans for Digital Nomads in 2022

Many digital nomads are either self-employed or independent contractors, and, therefore, are often not covered by traditional insurance policies.

To begin, there are two types of insurance: health insurance and travel insurance. Health insurance addresses the need for regular checkups and care, whereas travel insurance also deals with incidents that may take place during travels. How much coverage you need depends entirely on your risk tolerance and where you go, if you practice risk sports, if you want to have children, if you have previous conditions and several other factors. 

Some of our members opt for the lowest coverage required to enter the countries they visit, since it may be cheaper to pay for a series of major expenses out of pocket than to pay for policies as long as you are in the right countries. On the other hand, others argue that higher insurance coverages are totally worth the money for the security they provide. It is also not uncommon for people to end up with a medical bill larger than they can handle while they are abroad due to not having insurance. Nonetheless, due to the pandemic, many countries are now requiring visitors to carry insurance policies that cover COVID-related expenses

We have gathered a series of 6 options for your trips this 2022 through research and community interviews and reviews. We hope this is helpful for choosing the best insurance for your unique nomad lifestyle.

Disclaimer: This article is done with the intention to guide the nomad community in order to choose an insurance plan. The following information is summarized with such intentions; for further details please reach out to the companies with the links below.


SafetyWing is the most popular choice amongst our community as they have affordable programs and they cover people from all over the world. It was created by nomads, for nomads. They have two types of plans, Nomad Insurance, a global travel medical insurance that covers travel and medical incidents, and Remote Health, fully-equipped global health insurance for full-time nomads. Here is all you need to know about this top-choice insurance.

Type of Plan(s): Travel and Global Health Insurance

What is the MEDICAL availability and coverage for Nomad Insurance? SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance can be bought from 180 countries, and it covers you at home for 30 days if you stayed abroad for 90 days. It also has a qualified network of health experts which includes doctors, hospitals, and emergency medical evacuation. The deductible is $250 USD and the maximum coverage is $250,000 USD. Other inclusions are:

  • Hospital and nursing rooms
  • Intensive care up to the overall maximum limit
  • Ambulance: Usual, reasonable, and customary charges when covered illness or injury results in hospitalization
  • Dental emergencies up to $1000 USD
  • $50 USD daily in physical therapy and chiropractic care as long as it is requested by a physician in advance
  • Other eligible medical expenses

What is the TRAVEL coverage for Nomad Insurance? The Insured Nomad plan is ready to assist you if you are in an accident or fall ill during your stay abroad. It includes:

  • Up to $5000 USD per travel interruption
  • Travel delay? No worries, as it covers up to $100 USD for an unexpected overnight stay for a maximum of 2 days.
  • It covers up to $3,000USD in lost checked luggage per certificate period; $500 per item; and $6,000 USD lifetime for lost checked luggage
  • Up to $100 USD per day for 5 days if you find yourself in a natural disaster
  • Up to $10,000 USD lifetime if you find yourself in a political evacuation
  • Up to $100,000 USD lifetime for medical emergency evacuation
  • Coverage of $25,000USD lifetime maximum for personal liability; $25,000 USD for third-person property; $25,000USD for third-person injury; $2,500USD related to third person property; and $50,000 USD for Accidental Death & Dismemberment

What is the support coverage for Nomad Insurance? They have a 24/7 support service.

Does Nomad Insurance cover young children? Yes, you can include up to 2 children older than 14 days and younger than 10 years old per family free of charge

Pricing for Nomad Insurance: 

  • Starts at $42 USD per 4 weeks for people from 10 to 39 years old; $68.04 from 40 to 49 years old; $106.68 from 50 to 59; $144.76 from 60 to 69.
  • US Travel involves extra charges

Important Notes about Nomad Insurance Plan:

COVID-19 Coverage: ✔︎ It also covers a $50 USD quarantine outside your home country for up to 10 days which differentiates it from other options which only cover medical-related expenses.

Sports Activities:  ✔︎ SafetyWing covers several sports or activities as long as you don’t take part in them professionally. To name a few, the following are covered: biking, bungee jumping, canoeing, dog sledding, horse riding, hot air ballooning (as a passenger), ice skating, roller skating, windsurfing, zipline, and more.

Pre-existing condition: ✔︎ Any Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition is covered: if you have an outbreak or recurrence which needs urgent care and occurred without advice or warning from a physician. Nonetheless, normal treatment, chronic illnesses, etc, are not covered nor deductible. It is notable, though, that they cover some acute onsets as it is not common.

What is NOT covered: There are two items not covered by this plan: personal electronics such as tablets, laptops, phones, and more are not covered in the lost checked luggage; and, as mentioned before, pre-existing conditions such as the need for cancer treatment.

📺 Favorite feature about Nomad Insurance: One of the best things about SafetyWing is that you can sign up for this insurance program even if your journey has already begun, and you can hire it on a monthly subscription basis which means it extends every 28 days unless you pick an end-date. SafetyWing makes looking after your health worldwide as easy as hiring a streaming service.

What is the MEDICAL availability and coverage for Remote Health? 

Remote health is a great option for the full-time nomad that wants to be fully covered for emergencies and normal checkups as well. You can buy it anywhere in the world, and it also covers all your stay at home. It also includes:

  • A full refund of hospital treatment and hospitalization, inpatient surgery, intensive care unit, cancer tests and treatment, reconstructive surgery, renal failure and dialysis, inpatient prescription medication, emergency ground ambulance, organ transplants, passive war and terrorism, nurse care at home for up to 60 days.
  • Up to $500,000 USD for surgery for day patient or outpatient
  • Up to $100,000 USD in evacuation and repatriation
  • Up to $500,000 USD in rehabilitation and specialized treatments
  • $150 USD per night for hospital cash up to 30 nights
  • Up to $1,500 USD in durable medical equipment
  • Up to $1,000 USD in external prosthesis
  • Up to $50,000 USD in Palliative care

What is the support coverage for Remote Health? They have a 24/7 global support service in every time zone. You can message or call for customer service.

Does Remote Health cover young children? Yes, but you need to add your family members or dependents during your application to be quoted correctly.

Pricing for Remote Health: 

  • Starts at $206 USD per month for people from 18 to 39 years old; $317 from 40 to 49 years old; $490 from 50 to 59; $918 from 60 to 69.
  • The pricing might be affected by taxation and regulations per country

Important Notes about Nomad Insurance Plan:

COVID-19 Coverage: ✔︎ 

Sports Activities:  ✔︎ Covers several sports or activities as long as you don’t take part in them professionally. 

Pre-existing condition: ✔︎ When acquiring your Remote Health plan, you need to quote for your pre-existing conditions. They also include Cancer Treatment. 

🥰 Favorite feature about Remote Health: Our first favorite feature is the coverage for vision health (Eye exams, standard lens enhancement, and contact lenses once every 12 months; eyeglasses once every 24 months. Maximum coverage is $500 USD) and dental care (Dental coverage for routine care such as check-ups, fillings, etc., or more complex care like repairing or receiving new crowns, dentures, or inlays). Both are important highlights of our everyday health so it is incredible to have regular matters covered worldwide. We also love the $0 Deductible, of course.

SafetyWing is the best option for every nomad, either newbies or veterans, as they can trust affordable, cost-effective, and friendly insurance for their trips with excellent customer service. It covers all the essentials you might occupy in travel and health emergencies.

Become a Nomad with SafetyWing here.

Insured Nomads

If you are a techie nomad, you are going to love the technology-oriented solutions from Insured Nomads. It is thought for the global citizen who is surrounded by technology day by day. They have two insurance options: Travel Insurance and Global Health Insurance. Check out the highlights below. 

Type of Plan(s): Travel and Health Insurance

What is the medical and travel coverage for Travel Insurance? This plan covers all the necessary assets for short-term trips abroad:

  • Emergency medical expenses and repatriation.
  • Accidental death 
  • Coverage of personal belongings and equipment: $50 USD for any one item and maximum of $500 USD for sports equipment and a maximum of $1000 USD in photography equipment
  • Coverage of electronics & communications on a maximum of $500 USD. 
  • Personal Liability Coverage on a combined limit of $25,000 USD. 

What is the medical and travel coverage for Global Health Insurance? This plan is mainly aimed at remote workers as it has robust health coverage: 

  • Hospitalization and surgery in either private or public hospitals
  • Medical and paramedical costs
  • Local emergency transportation 
  • Prescription drugs, vision care, maternity benefits, and dental benefits can be added as well. 

What is their support coverage? The INC APP can let you know about your insurance status, your current country information, alerts, and support, and it even has a functional emergency button.

Does it cover young children? Yes, but you would have to apply for the family plan.


  • The Travel Insurance cost begins at the monthly rates of $84 USD for individuals, $303 for couples, and $325 for families. However, it may vary according to age and other variables.
  • The Global Health Insurance cost starts at the monthly rate of $375 USD for individuals, $1,233 for couples, and $733 for families. However, once again, it may vary according to age and other variables.

COVID-19 Coverage: ✔︎ COVID-19 is covered in all the plans; nonetheless, it solely covers medical emergencies and not quarantine. Any other COVID-19-related coverage can be approached during your consultation.

Sports Activities: ✔︎ On the Travel Insurance option, you can increase your coverage to include adventure sports such as kitesurfing, scuba-diving, and hot-air ballooning. 

Pre-existing injury or disease: It does not cover any pre-existing condition, however, it may be exceptions that you would need to check on consultation. 

What is NOT covered: In the Travel Insurance plan, people over 74 years old are not covered. In the Remote Health Insurance, suicide attempts or voluntary mutilation is not covered as well as any claim as a result of war, invasion, or hostilities. In the case of both, as mentioned before, pre-existing conditions are not covered.

⏰ Favorite feature: We love the fact that it covers two different kinds of nomadic lifestyles, long-plan stays outside the residential home or short-term trips abroad, but we are also amazed by the mental health coverage it offers in all plans.

Insured Nomads have a variety of policies that can fit your different getaways; however, it fits perfectly the lifestyle of the Techie Nomad as you can stay in personalized touch with your insurance company, plus other important information through the commodity of your phone.

Apply for a quotation on either Travel Insurance or Global Health Insurance here.

World Nomads

The goal of World Nomads is to help you travel safer and smarter. It is designed to cover your trip essentials and the possible emergencies you may encounter. It is highly important to mention that this coverage may change according to the country of residency of the insured, but you can find general information for a US citizen below, who, by the way, can get this policy even if they are already outside the nation.

Type of Plan(s): Travel and Health Insurance

What is the medical availability and coverage? World Nomads has incredible dental and medical coverage for any emergency during your stay abroad:

  • All their policies cover dental emergency expenses if you have an unexpected infection, broken teeth, or an injury in your jaw or mouth.
  • Regarding medical emergencies, they cover hospitalization, out-patient treatment for medical emergencies, prescribed medicines, X-rays, and laboratory tests.
  • It also covers back-home transportation if needed due to medical emergencies.
  • They have 24-hour multi-lingual coverage to facilitate your guide to the nearest hospital, payments, and more.
  • The coverage under both Standard and Explorer plans is $100,000 USD.

What is the travel coverage? They cover the essential possible emergencies every travel might encounter:

  • Delayed or lost luggage: They will cover essential items unless your baggage was recovered in 12 hours
  • Stolen passports and IDs
  • They also have a convenient trip cancellation as explained below
  • The Standard plan covers $2,500 USD and the Explorer $10,000 USD.

What is their support coverage? They have 24-hour multilingual coverage to facilitate your guide to the nearest hospital, payments, and more.

What is the trip cancellation insurance? Trip cancellation may reimburse you any pre-paid non-refundable trip costs if it is under any of the covered conditions: getting sick or injured, a death or sickness of a family member, work emergencies, jury duty, or severe damage to your home due to a natural disaster. However, you will need to explain further your cancellation motives to make your policy effective.

Does it cover young children? Yes, but you would need to apply for the family policy which covers 1 or 2 adult travelers 69 years old or younger, and up to 7 dependent children who are 25 years of age-old and younger. It covers up to 9 family members per policy. 

Price: You would need to get a quotation according to your needs and your country of residence as World Nomads does not offer an initial quotation.

Pre-existing condition: Pre-existing conditions are only covered if they are controlled and stable which you will need to double-check when you ask for a quotation. If they’re not under these conditions, they won’t be covered for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Emergency Sickness Medical expenses, and Emergency Accident Medical Expenses. 

COVID-19 Coverage: ✔︎ Depending on the country of residence of the insured, there may be some coverage available for medical and travel-related costs for COVID-19. You would need to check according to your country as not all are included in the policies.

Sports Activities: ✔︎ They cover more than 150 adventure activities which include several outdoor adventure sports. Nonetheless, make sure you always check if an activity you’re planning to do is covered in your chosen plan as it might require a different policy.

What is NOT covered: Not having your visa or passport issued on time will not be a matter of trip cancellation as well as suspension by travel providers. Also, natural disasters that had been already announced before you booked your trip, and, as mentioned before, uncontrolled pre-existing medical conditions. Moreover, common dental claims such as check-ups and crowns are not covered as well. 

🦈 Favorite feature: Our favorite thing about World Nomads is that they cover, in their Explorer Plan, even the most intrepid and unthinkable adventure sports: glacier walking, wingsuit flying, rodeo, mixed martial arts, paragliding, and what’s more, shark cage diving. 

World Nomads is the best choice for Adventure and Intrepid Nomad. If you are keen on high-risk sports or an adrenaline junkie, you might benefit from their hundreds of covered experiences. Travel and experience with the security of being insured while you live your wildest dreams. 

Get a quotation with World Nomads and live your extreme life today.

Integra Global

Integra Global is a health plan provider which specializes, amongst others, in expats. They are flexible, and innovative and treat every customer as an individual. They do not offer any coverage for travel, however, they have complete health care insurance plans.

Type of Plan(s): Health Insurance

What is the medical availability and coverage for the Core InCare Plan? InCare Life and InCare Premier cover all the needs of an international lifestyle in your covered region including:

  • Full inpatient and outpatient treatment including intensive care, physical therapy, prescribed medicines, emergency room, diagnostic, scans, cancer treatment, and more
  • Post hospitalization outpatient consultations and prescriptions within 30 days
  • Medical assistance hotline and medical evacuation 24/7
  • Free confidential support 24/7 regarding anxiety, relationships, work, culture shock, work stress, financial matters 


Regarding coverage, the Life Plan annual maximum benefit is $1,000,000 USD, Life Benefit of $5,000 USD, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment of $50,000. The Premier plan covers an annual maximum benefit of $2,250,000, a Life Benefit of $10,000 USD, and an Accidental Death & Dismemberment of $100,000 USD. In both cases, there is a possible additional cover for AD&D. 


What is the medical availability and coverage for the Comprehensive yourLife Plan?

Individuals: They offer direct settlement for hospitalization around the globe and local networks for access to outpatient services such as doctor visits, exams, lab fees, and prescription drugs. The yourLife plan also includes routine checkups, wellness, preventive exams, vaccinations, and vision care. Yes, vision care. The maximum lifetime plan benefit is $2,500,000 USD, the annual maximum benefit is $1,500,000 USD, and the life benefit is $5,000 USD. 


Families: This plan covers the same as the one for Individuals, but it does not exempt maternity and newborn care; nonetheless, there is a 12-month wait for them. On coverage, the maximum lifetime plan benefit is $2,500,000 USD, the annual maximum benefit is $1,500,000 USD, and the life benefit is $5,000 USD. There is a discount of 15% for two adults in a family plan, and after the fourth child and up to the seventh, they are free of charge. 


What is the medical availability and coverage for the Premium Plan? The Premium Individual and Family Plans cover a broader quantity than yourLife plans. The individual maximum lifetime plan benefit is $5,000,000 USD; the annual maximum plan benefit is $2,000,000 USD; the Life benefit is $10,000 USD, and the Accidental death & dismemberment is $100,000 USD. The family plan, accordingly, $5,000,000 USD; $2,000,000 USD; $10,000 USD, and $100,000 USD. 


What is the travel coverage? Each plan has international health coverage which may vary through region according to the policy you buy. It is important to note that Integra Global only covers health-related matters and not tech, trip cancellations, and any other non-health-related situation.


What is their support coverage? 24/7 thanks to the implementation of “yourHealth App '' which also implicates mental health assistance.


Does it cover young children? Yes, but on the family plans reviewed above.


Price: You would need to get a quotation according to your needs and your country of residence as Integra Global does not offer an initial quotation rate. Some of the factors taken into consideration to generate the quote are age, region, and cover area. 


Pre-existing condition: ✔︎ Some qualifying pre-existing conditions can be covered as any other medical condition. You would need to ask for the specific one when you request your quotation. 


COVID-19 Coverage: ✔︎ InCare Life and Premier plan cover inpatient hospitalization for COVID-19, whilst the Premium plan covers outpatient benefits as well and COVID-19 testing if it is ordered by a physician.


Sports Activities: ✔︎As long as the sports are done recreationally, to say, non-professionally, e.g. motorsports, riding off-road on a motorbike or quad-bike, aerial sports, scuba diving below 30 meters, and more. 


What is NOT covered: InCare, and the Individual yourLife plans do not cover maternity benefits, outpatient treatment not related to an inpatient stay, medications that do not require prescriptions, experimental treatments, ADD/ADHD services, treatments, or education; participation in professional sports, dental implants; plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries of any kind. The Family yourLife & Premium plan also does not cover the previously stated elements except for maternity care; this policy also does not include fertility treatments or in-vitro fertilization. 


🔀 Favorite feature: Their tailored plans. Even though many insurance options have personalized policies, the main approach of Integra Global is to see every customer as an individual and construct plans around their needs. Another interesting feature is that they have your eHealth records kept confidentially on the “yourHealth App”, so you will be able to access them anytime. 


Integra Global is a great choice for Nomad Families who want to have a wide and personalized health insurance plan, as well as for the nomads that would like to count on 24/7 mental health assistance (except for ADHD). 


You can get a quotation and get to know more about Integra Global here.

Seven Corners 

Seven Corners serves a global market of different kinds of health insurance products. They have many insurance plans for many audiences. For nomads, the most convenient plan is the annual (364 days) Wander Frequent Traveler Plus which covers different trips plus COVID-19 expenses. If you hire their insurance services, remember to always pre-verify on call before the expense is made, so the coverage is valid without penalties.

Type of Plan(s): Travel and Health Insurance

What is the medical availability and coverage? 

  • There are two types of coverage: worldwide including or not including the United States.
  • From ages 14 days to 64 years old, the maximum coverage is $1,000,000 USD whilst from 64 to 74 years old, it is $50,000 USD.
  • Usual, customary, and reasonable use of Hospital Room & Board, Inpatient Hospital Services, Outpatient Hospital / Clinical Services, Emergency Room Services, Doctor’s Office Visits, Prescription Drugs, Home Health Care
  • Local ambulance and urgent care visits
  • Telehealth services or information with a physician or nurse
  • Physiotherapy or chiropractic care ($50 USD per visit, 10 visits maximum)
  • Hospitalization outside the United States is covered for up to 10 days
  • You can add an extension of benefits to your home country
  • Myocardial Infarction and Stroke coverage of a maximum of $3000 USD
  • Emergency treatment of dental pain relief or accident 
  • Emergency medical repatriation or evacuation of $1,000,000 USD separate from medical coverage
  • If it is recommended by a physician, Seven Corners covers medical reunion with one person of your choice
  • Return of mortal remains ($50,000 USD) and local burial or cremation ($5,000 USD)
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment is covered for $25,000 USD and accidental death for $50,000 USD

What is the travel coverage? 

  • Natural disaster evacuation with coverage of $50,000 USD; natural disaster daily benefit of $100 USD per 5 days; political evacuation coverage of $10,000 USD; terrorist activity evacuation of $50,000 USD
  • Loss of checked baggage - $50 per article and $500 per occurrence
  • Baggage delay - $250 per occurrence
  • If you cannot continue your trip due to the death of a close relative, it covers reimbursement of up to $5,000 USD
  • Travel delay reimburses for up to $100 per day with a 2 limited day
  • Loss of passport, visa, or other travel documents is covered with a reimbursement fee of $200 USD
  • Personal liability such as injury to a third person and more are covered for up to $25,000 USD

What is their support coverage? Their multilingual team is ready to assist you 24/7 with not only services related to your insurance but also to accommodation, passport recovery, flights, and more. 

Does it cover young children? When creating your quotation, you can add dependents such as spouses or children so you can obtain the price which also covers them.

Price: They do not offer an initial price. You need to obtain a quotation. 

COVID-19 Coverage: ✔︎ If you contract it, this plan has a great COVID-19 coverage: the disease, the virus, and any mutation of SARS-CoV-2. 

Sports Activities: ✔︎ They cover traditional vacation activities, but you can augment the coverage for “hazardous activities” to include bungee jumping, caving, hang gliding, jet skiing, motorcycle or motor scooter riding, parachuting, paragliding, parasailing, scuba diving, snowmobiling; spelunking; and several water sports.  

Pre-existing injury or disease: ✔︎ Any medical complication which existed before 36-months of acquiring your plan is considered a pre-existing condition. You can add coverage of an acute onset of a pre-existing condition, say, the unexpected outbreak of your illness or injury. 

🩺 Favorite feature: Our favorite Wander Frequent Traveler Plus coverage is the flexibility to add pre-existing conditions so as to travel without preoccupations. Another highlight is that you can choose which charity program in their list to donate to when you purchase one of their products due to the program “Travel with Purpose''. 

What has NOT been covered: Seven Corners has a geographical limitation of the following countries and areas: Cuba, Islamic Republic of Iran, Syrian Arab Republic, United States Virgin Islands, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) and Antarctica.

Seven Corners is for the thoughtful and cautious nomad that wants to travel around the world knowing that they have been given the option to choose from several features to add into their insurance policy. 

You can apply for a quotation and ask for further information here.


Geoblue has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance field and its main goal is to protect travelers and give them peace of mind while they discover the world. They have top-quality coverage for distinct individuals, but for nomads, there are two main plans: Voyager and Trekker. It is important to mention that GeoBlue is only for American Nomads.

Type of Plan(s): Added Trip Health Coverage to US Health Plan

What is the medical availability and coverage for Trekker? Trekker Choice has two coverage levels cover the following: 

  • $1,000,000 USD in medical limit with inbound and outbound medical services such as surgery, anesthesia, in-hospital doctor visits, diagnostic X-ray, and lab  
  • $500,000 USD medical evacuation benefit
  • COVID-19 testing and treatment
  • Pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation
  • Unlimited trips outside the United States in a period of 12 months (as long as the trips have a maximum length of 70 days)
  • It requires having a primary health plan with GeoBlue to be eligible
  • Baggage protection of $100 USD
  • It covers accidental dental injury and relief of pain for a maximum of $300 per trip period 
  • Repatriation to the original residence OR original location
  • It covers accidental death with a payment of 100% and dismemberment varies from 100% to 25%

Trekker Essential covers half the quantity in medical limit and medical evacuation benefits. It also does NOT cover any accidental death or dismemberment. 

What is the travel coverage for Voyager? Voyager Choice is the most popular plan and it is ideal for leisure, missionary, or business travelers. The coverage is almost the same as Trekker except for some features including the following:

  • $500 in post-departure trip interruption
  • Coverage for 6-month trips outside the United States

Voyager Essential covers half the quantity as well as Trekker Essential. Nonetheless, you do not need to have a Primary Health Plan for Voyager Essential and there is a 180-Day Exclusion for pre-existing conditions. 


What is their support coverage? Both plans support 24/7 via landline, mobile, web, or through telemedicine support network Teladoc which has 3,500 doctors worldwide. 

Does it cover young children? Yes, but you would have to add them to your quotation to know about the pricing. 

Price: You would need to apply for a quotation to know their prices.

COVID-19 Coverage: ✔︎ Both plans, Voyager and Trekker cover medically necessary covid-19 tests and treatment.

Sports Activities: ✔︎Only scuba-diving and downhill skiing are covered in the Trekker plan.

Pre-existing injury or disease: ✔︎ In order to get any of both plans, either Voyager or Trekker, the insured needs to have pre-existing insurance in the US with GeoBlue. Both cover pre-existing injuries or diseases. 

🧩 Favorite feature: Our favorite feature is that you can add these plans as a complement to your already hired plan back at home. 

What is NOT covered: High-risk sports such as sky diving, parasailing, bungee, and several others; treatment arising from sexual transmission illnesses; cancel-related treatment; nutritional counseling; mental conditions; and several more. 

Geoblue is for the American nomad that also wants to have a complete health insurance plan back home as well as the security to be covered during 12-months outside the US including any pre-existing conditions. 

You can apply for a quotation and ask for further information here.

Travel insurance is an investment in your well-being. It's not just about peace of mind—it's about making sure you have access to the medical care you need if something goes wrong.

Each digital nomad has different needs and a different medical background, which might then make them differ on which is the best insurance. It’s about the best option for YOU. We hope this guide has helped you decide or become a starting point for your search. 

Cigna Global

Cigna serves more than 180 million people around the world, by offering international health insurance plans for individuals and families. They offer four different plans to suit your needs; Close Care, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

Type of Plan(s): Health insurance 

What are your standard medical benefits? 

  • Hospital charges for: inpatient & daypatient treatment 
  • Silver: paid in full, private room
  • Gold: paid in full, private room
  • Platinum: pain in full, private room
  • Close care: paid in full, semi-private room
  • Hospital accommodation for a parent or guardian
  • Silver: $1,000
  • Gold: $1,000
  • Platinum: paid in full
  • Close care: no coverage
  • Pandemics, epidemics, and outbreaks of infectious illnesses
  • Silver: paid in full
  • Gold: paid in full
  • Platinum: pain in full
  • Close care: paid in full
  • Accident and emergency room treatment 
  • Silver: $500
  • Gold: $1,000
  • Platinum: $1,200
  • Close care: no coverage
  • Transplant services 
  • Silver: paid in full, private room
  • Gold: paid in full, private room
  • Platinum: pain in full, private room
  • Close care: no coverage
  • Advanced medical imaging (MRI, CT, PET scans)
  • Silver: $10,000
  • Gold: $15,000
  • Platinum: pain in full
  • Close care: $2,500 
  • Rehabilitation: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cognitive and speech therapies, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation 
  • Home nursing 
  • Acupuncture and Chinese medicine 
  • Palliative care
  • Prosthetic devices 
  • Local ambulance & air ambulance services 
  • Treatment for obesity 
  • Congenital conditions 
  • Out of area emergency hospitalization cover 

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