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Best travel packing hacks

Authored by Paula Vazquez

Best travel packing hacks

Picture this: You are standing in front of your open suitcase, and an array of things from clothes to gadgets to what feels like half your bathroom cabinet is around you. The challenging question remains: How can you fit everything into that limited space without sacrificing organization and sanity? That is where our packing hacks swoop in to save the day.

We bring you the seven best packing hacks shared by expert travelers from the Digital Nomads Around the World community for all wanderlusters and adventurers. No worries. The hacks apply to you whether you are backpacking, embarking on a cross-country road trip, or simply going for a weekend getaway to another city in your country. 

Either way, something is for sure: packing can be a bit of a puzzle. We are here to crack that puzzle and share a treasure of packing tips to make you look like a packing pro. The art of packing goes far beyond stuffing things into a bag: smart strategizing, efficient techniques, and maybe a touch of creativity. 

Grab a pen and some paper (or open your favorite note-taking app) to remember these golden hacks of packing wisdom. Let us start with the seven best packing hacks: 

Maximizing Space: Roll Everything to Pack Efficiently

Packing for your travels becomes a strategic game when space is limited. Imagine you are setting off on a week-long adventure, and your suitcase seems to be protesting against the mountain of clothes you are attempting to fit in. A clever hack to defeat this issue is as simple as rolling your clothes. The method not only saves space but also helps prevent wrinkles! 

By rolling your clothes, you will find that your clothes are more manageable and have more space than you thought possible.

Decathlon's Stylish and Durable Sports T-Shirts: $6 Marvels

You are shopping for travel essentials, and your eyes lock onto Decathlon's ultra-light sports t-shirts. These gems are budget-friendly at just $6 a piece and manage to strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. They are so versatile that they can easily transition from a meeting to a night out without missing a beat. 

The astonishing part? Five of these t-shirts weigh the same as a single regular cotton t-shirt.

Share the Load: Divide Clothes Between Bags

If you have a travel companion, you have a chance for a clever packing trick. Divide your clothes equally between the two bags. This way, if one bag decides to embark on an improvised solo adventure (read: gets lost), both of you still have half of your clothing intact. It is a smart way to mitigate the potential disaster of lost luggage and ensures that at least 50% of your wardrobe is always by your side. Beautiful.

Solgaard's Check-In Closet: The Ultimate Packing Game-Changer

Imagine a scenario where packing and unpacking become as effortless as snapping your fingers. That is the magic of Solgaard's Check-In Closet. This innovative solution eliminates the need for packing cubes, allowing you to maximize space while keeping your belongings organized. You arrive at your destination, open your suitcase, and voilà—your clothes are neatly arranged and easily accessible. It is like having a portable closet that magically appears whenever you need it. 

Get 10% OFF as a member of the Digital Nomads Around the World here.

Merino Marvels: Simplify Your Wardrobe

Imagine a fabric that defies the laws of odor and fashion limitations. Merino wool, the unsung hero of travel clothing, boasts the incredible ability to go days without developing that dreaded "travel smell." This means you can pack fewer clothes without worrying about freshness. Envision this: You're exploring a picturesque European village, and you've been wearing the same Merino top for days. To your surprise, it still smells as fresh as the day you put it on. Investing in a few Merino basics can significantly cut down your packing list while keeping you comfortably stylish.

Warm Climate Wisdom: Embrace Minimalism

If you are to enjoy a tropical paradise, your suitcase becomes a vessel of simplicity. When heading to warm climates, consider a wardrobe hack that involves leaving traditional underwear behind and replacing them with bathing suits. Imagine packing only what you need: a couple of stylish swimsuits, fancy flip-flops for beachfront glamour, and everyday flip-flops for strolls. With this approach, you will find that your suitcase transforms into a haven of vacation essentials, tailored for sun-soaked relaxation. 

Moreover, when you travel to warm climates, your clothes are not as stuffy because the light fabrics do not occupy as much space. Lovely.

Track with AirTags: Safeguard Your Checked Luggage

Your checked luggage has ventured into the labyrinth of airport logistics, and you are thousands of feet in the air. You have left it behind to its luck. 

No worries. Enter AirTags, your trusty companions for luggage tracking. These devices ensure that even if your luggage decides to do a mysterious detour, you can keep tabs on its whereabouts. It is like having a personal detective that ensures your bag's safe arrival at your intended destination.

Et voilá! Remember that the key to successful packing lies not just in stuffing items into a bag, but in the artful balance of smart preparation, strategic choices, and a touch of creativity. With each tip we have shared, we hope to have empowered you to approach your next packing endeavor with newfound enthusiasm and confidence. Keep these packing hacks in your back pocket (or rather, your suitcase). Picture the convenience of having a portable closet at your fingertips, the assurance of having spare clothes when your bag decides to play hide-and-seek, and the elegance of a wardrobe pared down to the essentials.

By incorporating these packing hacks into your travel routine, you will navigate the world of packing with finesse and efficiency. From maximizing space to simplifying your wardrobe, these hacks make your packing process smoother and more organized. So, the next time you are faced with a suitcase and a seemingly endless list of items, remember these ingenious hacks and start your journey confidently. 

Happy packing and see you around the world.

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