American Samoa
United States
highly skilled visas
Visa is Required
Upto 36 month(s)



min. 460 USD

Permanent Residence




About Visa

This H1B visa is a U.S. High skilled work visa that allows companies to employ workers in specialty occupations where an advanced educational degree is required.

Application Process:

  •  Employer Submits LCA (Labor Condition Application) to DOL for certification 
  •  Employer Submits Completed Form I-129 along with the certified LCA, to USCIS,  with the correct USCIS Service Center 
  •  Applicants outside the United States apply for Visa, once the Form I-129 petition has been approved and the Form 797 has been issued
  • All the documents should be gathered accurately along with a completed DS-160
  •  Regardless of whether a visa is required, the prospective H-1B worker must then apply to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for admission to the United States in H-1B classification 

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