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Fukuoka City has been approved to implement the “Startup Visa (Entrepreneurial Incentives for Foreigners)” to incentivize foreigners to be business entrepreneurs in Fukuoka.

The “Startup Visa” system permits foreign entrepreneurs to receive a six-month “Business Manager” visa without fulfilling aforementioned prerequisites. The entrepreneur must, however, submit a New Business Implementation Plan (“NBIP”) to Fukuoka City. After evaluating the NBIP, should Fukuoka City confirm that the entrepreneur is expected to fulfill the visa requirements, the Immigration Bureau will evaluate the candidate based on Fukuoka City’s confirmation. If approved, foreign entrepreneurs are provide with six-months to fulfill the standard prerequisites and complete procedures while developing his/her business.

Fukuoka City provides individual support through the Startup Café to aide foreign entrepreneurs in meeting the standard prerequisites so that he/she may be able to renew his/her Business Manager visa.

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